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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cyclic, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. How many rounds could you put through a GPMG continuously without cooking/******* it?

    A probable walt Ive had the misfortune to meet (claims to have done Falklands and Iraq 1 , constantly boasting about kills he made) reckons he put 1100 rounds through continuosly ,

    I once put 300 through a AA52 and stopped as the barrel went red (at night) and I thought it would soon drop in half!
  2. I think Warminster carried out a GPMG destruction test back in the 1960s, but i don't recall the result.

    The US reckons an M4 rifle barrel can withstand about 3,000 rounds of continuous full-auto before bore wear, fouling and specific gas erosion lead to a situation where a bullet can destabilise in the bore and cause a barrel failure by striking part of the gas port. Presumably a typical MG barrel can go well over this limit.

    Water-cooled MGs have no specific continuous fire limit, other than such fire of course wears the rifling out PDQ...
  3. I've personally seen a belt of 1400 rounds get chucked through a GPMG in the SF role.

    I wasn't overly fussed as the barrel was already fucked, and getting binned anyway.
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  4. Seen 1100 go trough in a burst at night.
  5. Did the GPMG not originally have a stellite SF barrel in the 70's? I seem to recall you used to have to change the original steel barrels every 300 rds or so..

    Presumbly they introduced an improved steel barrel in the 80's that did away with the need for a special SF barrel..
  6. .

    Enlighten me please.
  7. When the GPMG was first issued, it came with an SF (Sustained Fire) kit which contained the C2 sight, tripod, buttplate (ooh matron!) and a special barrel made of stellite - a non steel high temperature alloy. The stellite barrels seem to disappear sometime in the late 70s from the kits..

    I am assuming they were replaced by an improved general purpose barrel which could take higher temperatures..

    Edited to add..

    Just found this, which must be close to the definative statement on the matter...

    Also enjoyed the STAB Jock getting a proper roasting from the ASM!

    Barrel life expectancy -
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  8. The chain gun has a stellite lining, I don't think the GPMG barrel does.

    Actually, cancel my last. They did have linings as you could sometimes see lining seperation.
  9. Also M60 light sabre.

    Glowing M60 Barrel - YouTube

    "Barrel is now bent down and to the right."

    I don't think you'd choose to do that unless there was a plentiful supply of spare barrels to hand.

    Just nod, give him a wide-eyed smile and agree with everything. In time he'll probably provide some more implausible war stories.
  10. It depends on the condition of the gun in the first place. The first thing that usually goes is when the gas regulator goes shooting down the range. Next the rivets start popping or the body will crack usually in the bend underneath the feed tray.
  11. I agree with what you say but the kit also contained, I think it was 3 spare barrels. I dunno what they were made of though.
  12. Porridge_gun

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    What the **** do you know about machine guns you bluffing ****!

    Ive seen the warry pics on your wall at your gaff, your mrs insists we turn them round when I spoon her arse out. Upon closer inspection, when your frau is wiping her chin, its all photo shopped. You are MOD Plod and Bravo Bravo has more sand in his boots.

    Para Regt Machine Guns my hoop :)
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  13. They're made of metal mucker.

    You're only jealous because you couldn't hit fuckall from your crappy gay Linx with one!
  14. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Like that matters when you look 'that cool'

    Gimpy shoots don't count unless you get the barrel glowing a bit.