GPMG Part Question

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bad_Crow, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. First of all lets get something clear. I am not a gun nerd. I dont want to end up knowing the stopping power of a 7.62mm measured in kenetic energy or something. Guns hold no interest to me other than taking one to work.


    What is the name of the little silver metal part that goes through just near the pistol grip. Its job is to hold the gun in place when you attatch it to an SF tripod. You know you pull the gun back and then hook it on using said device...

    The bit "everyone" loses and then tries to find a spare for. Only when they know the name of it though.

  2. You mean the rear mounting pin?
  3. You've lost one, haven't you?
  4. I dont know... Is it? That sounds good though. is it cylindical but with little squarish bit on the end?
  5. Yes, definitely rear mounting pin
  6. Dont be silly ofcourse i haven't...

    Yes i have!
  7. You have lost one - you have laost one naa naa na naaa na
  8. Good man. I owe you a beer if i manage to get hold of a buck shee.However due to persec you will never get said item.
  9. Is it not called a "rear pintal mouting pin"?
  10. Second question. What do you think of the weight to firepower ratio of the new XMZ 73 Heavy laser machine Knife (Mit Goretex barrel)???

    Cheers fellas. Aint it a cnut when you lost the important bits. & why are said items always so small. I mean fcuking split collars. They must have been having a laugh when they made them!
  11. There is always a spare set of collars in your mates spare kit pouch, nudge nudge wink wink.

    I'm sure it is called a rear pintle mounting pin, by the way.

  12., not that I know of, was always a rear mounting pin when I was in, and yes, lots were lost then too
  13. rear mounting pin reminds me must clean the spare gas plug i aquired "now where did i put my dremel ?" :D
  14. I'd like to be able to agree or disagree but guns and ammo aint my subject at all. I know it sounds daft but its true. I should really go back to basics!

    Anyone know what cam and concealment means?

    Either way i'll take them two names away with me now around the lads and ask about. Failing that i'll borrow one off a mucca and ask "Anyone got another one of these"
  15. Put in two demands for the part, using one of the names on each. When one comes back look at the name on the bag and that's the right answer. Unless neither come back, then you'll have to start the process all over again.