GPMG mounts for DROPS

Discussion in 'RLC' started by brettarider, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. serve with a TA DROPS unit been told by one of the lads that the DROPS are to get mounted with the GPMG mounts dont know if it's already happening as our Sqn's to get issued 2 GPMG's .......they've only just let us play with the A2's :wink:
  2. You will only get them if you go on ops, and thats if your lucky.
  3. good less stuff to clean then :roll:
  4. And safer for all the rest of us on ops!
  5. Speak for yourself mate wasnt it it reg how shot a Sgt in head a few years ago over there in a Bk room?, and if they are shite with weapns then given a pick helf I'd rather be round a TA lad with a gat than some little 18 year old straight from basic any day
  6. 2LSR have got em............... and boy did they produce a lot of brass firing off the top of drops last year at Lydd, hit f*ck all but produced the brass! :twisted:
  7. It was just a little bit of leg pulling, so don't get your knickers in a twist :p
  8. No worries cant get me knickers in a twist aint got any only time in my life I'll be a commando :D
  9. Thought it was a TA soldier shot a TA Sgt on TELIC 2?
  10. Great advert for the TA, mate. :roll:

    I'd rather be with an 18 year old, straight from Basic, who could speak English.
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Get back on topic or the thread gets binned.

    I don't think it is appropriate to discuss the shooting case on this forum. So stop.

    Thank you.
  12. Whats the point of only issusing a weapon on ops how do you train on it ?Ok you have the problem of cleaning the thing if you fire it or just mount it on exercise, but got to be a better option than a rifle for top cover .
  13. My understanding was that 10 or so GPMGs were now issued to each Regt for training; apparently the funding for the ammo is another issue all together. :roll:
  14. My understanding was that 10 or so GPMGs were now issued to each Regt for training; apparently the funding for the ammo is another issue all together. :roll:
  15. There is absolutely no shortage of ammo as far as we can make out F_P. We have received EVERYTHING that we asked fo rthis year. Been a couple of range and training weekends when this has led to some last minute boosts in the training programme as we had been over-bidding in the hope of getting what we actually needed. I suspect the reason is that with so many Reg Units (including their mobilised TA attached personnel) on Ops the stockpiles for training are not being used as quickly as imagined.

    My concern about GPMG on DROPS is simply that DROPS is a transport vehicle, not a fighting vehicle. Presumably the bad guys are going to shoot back and target the GPMG fire as a priority target. Presumably then our convoy drills, anti-ambush drills and so on must adapt to include our enhanced (is it?) combat capability. On that basis, I sincerely hope that training on GPMG is going to be rather more sophisticated than, "At the targets in front, in your own time, go on!"

    Envisaging what sort of training will be required then, does DROPS have the manouevrability to allow use of this weapon in anything other than a static position? Naturally we know it isn't, and we also know that there is not a new DROPS variant with chobham armour! Therefore, (and this is a question for the Supply Regt types) if you had a 10T stack of HE, would you really put a gimpy post on top of it? If not, what else would you do? (Please, no answers here for the what would you do bit, although I would welcome PMs from anyone genuinely in the know.)

    Maybe the smartest move doctrinally would be to include 1 x Warrior AFV with full crew in every Pkt. And yes I know that we would need to tell the powers that be to stuff FAS up their proverbial to pay the manpower bill but fun shooting GPMG on the range for an RLC Driver does not - in my opinion - equate directly to optimum safety on (the move on) Ops for an RLC Tpt Sect, Tp or Sqn.