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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sweatysock, Nov 13, 2005.

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  1. Hi folks I'm looking for clarification on The GPMG Unloading Drill. I have Pam 17, But it does not have any amendments( I do not know if there is any?). My collegues say that on the unload drill, you now lift the feed tray and check the chamber. Now I was always taught not to lift the Feed Tray on the Unload. The Pam also supports what I have been taught.

    My question is: Is there an amendment which changes the Drill, if so I'll gladly eat humble pie :oops:

    If not Stand By. :wink:

    Thanks in advance for your help. :D
  2. No Amend out that states that the drill has changed
  3. I have the GPMG training manuals from 1971 ish, and they say that you do lift the feed tray, and check it, still..........long time ago!
  4. you dont lift the feed tray except on the show guns clear . I have dents in my head from this being beaten into me :lol:
  5. Just had a squad average of lift the feed tray.............
  6. it might depend on your branch for example pam 48 quotes " to unload move working parts to rear,to cock the gun, hold them in this position, move safety catch to SAFE and release the cocking handle, open the cover, remove belt and rounds, re stow them, clear and lift the feed tray, check that the chamber, face of the breech block are clear and gun body is clear then report GUN CLEAR"
  7. Me in 1976-81 (tries hard to remember):

    Apply safety catch.
    Cock the action, cocking handle pushed to the front.
    Right hand depresses detents, raises top cover and holds the weapon upright.
    Left hand sweeps the feed tray then lifts it.
    Look inside body and chamber, remove anything that shouldn't be there.
    Left hand drops the feed tray and is replaced on the butt.
    Right hand drops the top cover, taps it (to ensure detents are engaged) and is replaced on the pistol grip.
    Release safety catch.
    Squeeze off the action.
    Apply safety catch.
    edit to add: (and close the bottom cover).

    All while the weapon is pointed in a safe direction.

    I can't see why the drill should have changed, but then again, people can't resist tampering with manuals.
  8. Had to pass the GPMG WHT as part of the optag package I just finished and they were adament that the ONLY time you lift the feed tray is on show guns clear and definitely not on the unload. Being optag, i'm assuming they're up to date...
  9. Trouble is when you are saying guns clear then that is what it should be, if you do not lift feed tray then you can not know the gun is clear, that is fact as per my post, if you think about it how will you know what is inside?
  10. Safety point in Pam 17 -2002 Ammendment 2 (current pam) after UNLOAD drill"Under no circumstances is the feed tray to be lifted or the chamber inspected during the unload drill. This is to protect the firer from the danger of chambered round cooking off" (or red writing to that effect) The unload - clear guns is no longer taught. After unloading the firer (particurly on a range) would be do NSPs
  11. Ah, risk assessment creeps in.

    If the round cooks off with the feed tray lifted, injuring the firer, he has no claim because he shouldn't have lifted the feed tray.

    If the round cooks off, the feed tray not having been lifted, the firer gets done for ND.

    Is the "Make Safe" now referred to as the "Make Slightly Safer"?
  12. if you fire the round stuck in barrell off its not an nd I always glance and declare it before i pull trigger no one cares .
  13. If you don't know there's a round there and you don't pull the trigger, but the round cooks off, who is going to believe you?
  14. its not classed as an nd no safe way to get it out anyway
  15. It seems that it is Infantry V RAC drills here, if you do not lift feed tray during unload due to cook off what happend when scant seconds later when Guns Clear is given and you have to lift feed tray for cmdr to check?