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Hi all,

I want to write a letter to someone regarding the WHT for the GP making a recommendation that it be changed.

I wanted to know whether anyone hee had sent anything like this up the chain, who they sent it to and what kind of success or feedback they had had.

After putting 50 odd cadets through the test over the first week of Annual recently it struck me that the Magazine Filling part of the test is entirely redundant. It's a great skill to have and should be taught wherever possible but seeing as very few detachments have drill rounds to practice with, and when using blank or live adults tend to fill magazines for the cadets I'm wondering whether it should be tested, and whether it just constitutes a needless distraction and simply a barrier to getting kids through the test and firing on the rifle.

Any feedback or ideas?


Wilts ACF
Unless you hold the rank of Colonel or more, I wouldn't bother putting your head above the parapet. You will just attract abuse from those above/around you. Such is the nature of the A.C.F. Good luck though.
******* hell!! Initiative... a desire to move the service forward...a novel and interesting idea that could lead from open debate to change......also the ability to write a yourself young man your ACF days may be numbered!
The idea is to prove that you can fill it, not entirely difficult we know but however as the cadets become more experienced they will end up filling magazines by themselves.
Maybe your letter should be changed just to take out the timed element of it. I feel the test should be merely the cadet proving they can do it with say 15 rounds, yes getting hold of drill rounds can be difficult, try ebay!!
but as long as the cadets are shown 5 min before the test shouldnt be much of an issue.
fair play for wanting to make a change though. Good luck.
As for who to send it to, Frimley would probably be the best bet, they write the manual after all.
in the magazine filling part of the test....fill 10 rounds into the mag in 15 or 20 seconds....pointless, what is the point, its a test not a race, its good to have drill rounds to practice putting them in the magazines, but in the test...pointless
thats my views atleast
I sort of see what your getting at, however i think you can't remove the magazine filling as its some thing your expected to do to use the weapon. Though i would go along with removing the timed element, they need to prove they can do it safely, not quickly!
seeing as cadets aren't *technically* supposed to bomb up mags anyway, it's kind of pointless.

I usually time cadets on this bit but have never actually failed one for not being able to do it
low_on_ammo said:
very true! our county has had some drill rounds machined, its not very expensive to get done
But probably illegal! Have you approval for these rounds? Are they recognisable from a distance from live rounds (i.e. turned in white metal and not brass) Do they have a primer pocket so not to damage a firing pin if dry fired in a weapon?
NachoLibre said:
seeing as cadets aren't *technically* supposed to bomb up mags anyway, it's kind of pointless.

I usually time cadets on this bit but have never actually failed one for not being able to do it
Yes but "technically" cadets aren't supposed to kill people but we teach and test section attacks!! (though obvioulsy not killing people, though its a potentail solution to the chav problem)

My slightly sarcastic point is that they are being taught about using the weapon, so I'd rather they learn all about it safely rather than miss bits off because it seems pointless, otherwise more stuff gets chopped until someone realsies that the whole ACF is pretty pointless in terms of military skills, and thus missing the whole point of what the ACF (should) be about!

I think the problem with DP rounds is that they frequently fall apart and cause very difficult to clear jams.

Arent they due to be replaced by a new one piece version made in ABS plastic or metal?
I would speak to your Coy commander first, the place to speak to ultimately would be Frimley park and I don't think anyone would have a problem with you raising the question. Your county might be (understandably) irritated if you just do it off your own back without at least letting them know of your intentions (unless you are the CO in which case, sorry sir).
Cadets aren't allowed to bomb mags with ball rounds.
booboo said:
Cadets aren't allowed to bomb mags with ball rounds.
Says who? Where is this written?
It was on our part ones, I'm no longer with the ACF so it may have been rescinded (I would be surprised if it had).
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