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Going to see my local unit tonight just got a brief question about the medical form your GP fills in.

Do the TA send this from directly to your gp or will they give it to me to past on.
I only ask as I am not a big fan of my doctor and would sooner look over his shoulder to make sure he fills the thing in correctly.

I recently passed the medical with the MO (and have my recruit selection soon). They didn't give me a form to give to my GP.

Not sure if they have sent one off, or if my GP has been contacted already (or has sent anything back).
I get the impression that different units have different ways of processing applications / medical checks, I guess thats how some are able to slip through the net.
I filled mine in and they send it to my GP to fill in and return... still waiting to get it back... or maybe they haven't sent it yet? who knows!!

I’ve been considering applying to join the TA for a while now but I’m a bit worried about what’s on my medical notes.

Is the from that goes to the gp similar to the one we fill out, i.e. boxes for him to put a tick in etc, or does he just parcel up all the records held on file and send them back to the TA.

If anyone has got a (form) or link where I can have a look at one of these for that would be grate.
Its a form where you fill in the histroy nd he ticks if what you have said is accurate, if its not accurate theres a box for him to explain what you missed off or clarify dates etc
It's crazy, but it seems that what's on your records varies from GP to GP.

I went to mine about 10 years ago with chest pains (caused by my heart rate getting up to crazy levels doing cyclo cross). They gave me an ECG test.

So last year when I was re-joining the reserves, I thought that would stop me, so I got the GP to give me a print out of my records and guess what? It wasn't there, result! :D

Must have got lost when they computerised them!
The RG8 form is what the GP should fill in, some units will post the form directly to the GP, some will send it with the potential recruit. Scotland do it slightly differently, but basically the form has boxes for the GP to fill in regarding medical history - ie if you currently suffer from asthma, you will have a problem. Your whole med history notes won't be printed and sent, so obv some GPs will be more thorough than others, and many problems will be irrelevant if over a certain amount of time ago (usu 3 years depending on the condition).

How did your TA centre do it SigSharky?

Craigd - I'll be surprised if you get through selection at your local ADSC without your civilian GP being contacted - let us know if you do, please!

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