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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by joejoe8, May 15, 2008.

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  1. This question has more than likely been asked many times before.

    Today i received a letter from Glencorse saying that i am not eligible for Military Service after considering my medical.
    This is due to finding blood in urine, i have since had another urine test and there were no findings in this. This last result was not on my medical form when it went off to Glencorse.
    They say they look forward to receiving a reapplication at the end of the deferral period.
    How long is the deferral period? I am slightly confused by all this.
    I just want to get into the Army.
  2. Your best bet is to ring the AFCO and ask them. They'll know exactly how long you've been defered for.
  3. Will do that.
    Many Thanks
  4. Same thing happend for me (but i had a tiny bit of eczema) i got defered for 3 years ! but i got my doctor to write a note and i sent it away to glencorse, they then passed me and i could do selection i then passed and less then 2 weeks after ADSC i was allocated to pirbright.

    I would fight it mate, since it has cleared up. But with me it was the smallest bit of eczema and it cleared up in next to no time, dont know what its like with the urine tho.

    Best of luck to you mate
  5. fecking hell!!! 3 years!!
  6. Cheers Mick.
    Glad yours worked out.
    I think the blood in urine was due to getting kicked and landing badly whilst playing football.
    Urine now ok and i am going to appeal this and get GP to write to confirm this, so i hope all goes well.
    They have deferred me for 1 yr, i can't let this stop me getting in when they isn't nothing wrong with me.

  7. i think they're taking the p1ss.........badum chsshh

    appeal it!!
  8. well thought up. good luck anyway lad just dont take knocks to the nads anymore!
  9. Cheers mate.

    I am collecting GP letter today to send for appeal.

    Love a good game of footie, and just won our league.
    Could be happier though if i get in, i will not stop trying until i do get there.
    Determined as ever.
  10. how did you word your letter to the Army I am in the exact situation as you and they will wont let me in. I am getting deferred but I have written three letters and they still wont let me in at all
  11. Just remember to include,

    PS. I am not a scabby ****.
  12. Not being funny mate, but if you have wrote 3 letters and they said no, then its time to accept that you have been deffered.

    Deffered means you still can get in, just wait for the time frame to run out or sort the problem then apply.

  13. Please can you help me i am having the same problem, I had a small bit of eczema in august 2011 and i have been deferred for 3 years! I'm trying to appeal.

    I'm writing a letter, getting my GP to update my medical notes and i am attaching pics of my arms ans eyes!

    Any advice???????????
  14. you have done the right thing ,buddy we are in thesame boat, the medical team send me an e-mail confirming that they received my appeal letter and documents they said just wait fo 27 working days for the result,,, i just cant wait how it goes
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Not open for further replies.