Govt - You dont employ enough women - no contract for you.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pacestick, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. twunts

    are they ferking serious - they will deny contracts to companies that don't comply with their ethical diversity of equality views - **** me that's like saying i'm not sending the army to Afghan, it's got too many blokes in it.. :x
  2. heh heh heh, typical. And if you open a brothel and employ 20 Polish bints, they close you down. 2 faced bast ards
  3. So will we see an awful lot of big companies sacking the blokes that they do have working as cleaners / canteen staff and employing dorisses instead to get their numbers balanced?

    This truly is one of the most stupid things this government has managed. And it has got a lot of form in incredibly stupid.
  4. Votes have to be obtained in any way possible. We are long past getting the right person for the job. They now have to look the right person for the job eg; police and local authorities. this does not apply to MP's when the mention of a 'girls only' list brings on appoplexy.
  5. Looks like we will have to form a Regiment of women to go and fight for us!! well face it, you could work it that each company is "on the rag" a different week of the month!! an unstoppable fighting force!! let the Talibheads deal with several hundred woman with PMT! won't have any prisoners to whinge that they were being mistreated as we won't have any prisoners, they will kill the fecking lot!!!

    Would'nt want to command them though!!

    Hold on have we already done this??

    RAF Regiment??????

    Dug in awaiting incoming!
  6. Someone mention girls?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Remind me what % of the PLP is female?
  8. We will see "you don 't employ enough ethnic minorities, no contract for you" soon as well.
  9. We got a heads up about this nearly three years ago at the company I used to work for.

    It was a huge crane company that employed a shedload of people.The crane operators were all male, mostly whiteys and quite a few ex-forces.Out of around 2000 operators there was only a single female operator, and the word was out that would be getting observed by the government when it came to allocation of contracts.

    Thing to my knowledge is the same for every single crane firm in the UK .....women just do not want to do this kind of work, that involves really early starts and late knockoffs....working in hoofing great machines in a noisy environment.
  10. Do I smell Harriet at work?
  11. Just like the Irish Euro election!
  12. I was actually quite impressed with some of the stuff in the queens speach, then you see something like this and you just sigh and count down the days to the election.
  13. Well you will just have to change the working environment to make it more attractive for women. And then change it so the differently-abled can also do the work.
  14. We started half a dozen women to work on the shop floor of the steelplant I work in. They only do certain jobs (i.e. ones that are in clean areas of the plant and don't involve any lifting etc). Stuff like that really isn't womens work, so why the feck do idiots like that daft ugly bint Harriet think it is?
  15. With most cleaning companies (esp for MPs), that would mean not enough ethnic English!!