Govt warning- Religion can damage your health

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Johnny_Alpha, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. We discuss politics on here all the time so maybe we should do more religion too.

    My question is this; Is religion a load of old shite that does more harm than good ?

    Right now the British Army is engaging adherents of the ‘Worlds Fastest Growing Religion’ ( an impressive accolade until you realise that’s only because its peasant followers breed like flies ) whilst here in the UK we’re waiting for the next Islamic attack that the Commissioner of the Met tells us is inevitable.

    Whilst the Archbishop of Canterbury cannot directly be blamed for this state of affairs, by subscribing to the notion of a higher celestial power he adds credibility to the stone age rantings of these philistines.

    Religions are dangerous because they are artificially divisive.

    I would class modern Christianity as a lesser offender because it is based on pitying the unbeliever.

    “I feel sorry for you that you don’t believe in god because he’s going to kick the sh1t out of you when you die.”

    Compared to

    “I’m outraged that you don’t believe in allah so I’m going to kick the sh1t out of you right now because that’s what allah told us he wants us to do. Oh and after I’ve killed you, he’s going to see to it that you get the sh1t kicked out of you for all eternity as well. Hey, lets all praise his merciful nature right now”

    If I started a political party tomorrow that advocated at best second class and at worst, brutal treatment for people who didn’t follow my rules, the Guardian reading public would be up in arms. I would be accused of perpetrating fascist ideology. If I told them that its OK because I got my ideas from the voices that I heard in my head whilst meditating in a cave, they might not even want to sit next to me on the bus.

    And if I hear one more time that Islam means peace.

    The BNP are seriously missing a trick here by not changing their name to the Fluffy Bunny Party. Then every time that Nick Griffin gets a grilling on the BBC about his non inclusive policies he can just say ‘Race hate? But we’re the Fluffy Bunny Party’
  2. MI5 believes, from polls, that around 400,000 people in the UK are "sympathetic to violent jihad around the world", said Frank Gardner.

    Within that number 1,200 people have been identified as being activists the security service believe are engaged in acts of terrorism at home and abroad, he said.

    says it all really.
  3. I agree with the above 100%
    But you have to blame parental influence for poisoning the beautiful minds of children.
    If you want to be a weirdo shit for brains fcukwit god bothering retarded spastic then you should do in the privacy of your own home and
    not bother the normal people who just want to behave like young men/women.
    And not ring fcuking church bells on Sunday fcuking morning or shouting crap at the top of a tower.
    Weirdo shit for brains fcukwit god bothering retarded spastics should not be allowed to have children as they are not fit to do so.

    BAN RELIGION NOW. WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Faith, and a belief in a presence or creative force greater than yourself, is often a good and therapeutic thing for many people. I include myself in that group, so I'm biased. It's nothing to me if someone doesn't believe in one, though, because that's my personal belief and it's not my job to convert anyone to my way of thinking.

    What fcuks me off is orthodox religion of any kind, and the way following the rules becomes a substitue for faith, and also critical thought. (You know, the thought process that gets you to: "Hey, does God really want me to kill these people in His name? Has God Himself told me this, or did some overpaid, fat cleric convince me? How do I know he's right? Et cetera.")

    If the separation of church and state (a big Spam phrase, I know) was perfect and complete, then everyone's right to practice and pursue their own faith would be protected, in their own houses. Or not. And it would NOT be the State's job to protect or encourage one group's orthodoxy at the expense of another group's beliefs. Political correctness would not figure anywhere into it; it would be a litmus test applied equally to all faiths. Nice fantasy, I know.
  5. The only book I’ve ever read back to front is the bible. I realised this the other day when speaking to some mates about the fact I’ve never finished a book I’ve started, also every school I have been to, tried to drill religion into my head (they were all religious schools – due to where I live), so I’d like to say I have a worthwhile opinion in proclaiming that religion is utter shiite. The “good” book itself is full of contradictions and as has already been said you either follow my word or you’re fcuekd. The Budhas have the right idea, don’t worship one thing worship everything.

    Ban* all religion I say, it should no longer be part of a developed world, especially in law!

    *Ban’s probably a bit harsh, but keep it private at least.
  6. Infidel pigs! Don't you realise the only TRUE FAITH is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster???
  7. Suggest everybody everywhere reads these pages - they could change your life. CFSM is definately more believable than any of the other worlds religions!

    Religion should be a private thing and not projected onto anybody else who doesn't want to hear about it.
  8. I personally don't see how in this day and age of science any even half way intelligent person can believe in god. However I do realise some people need to think that theres something better than their life, bit sad but a true fact.

    Religion has always caused problems and has definately slowed down our evolution in terms of scientific advances like when people used to be burned for 'black magic' or saying the earth wasn't the centre of the universe.

    However religion cant really be blamed for wars as most religions say they are peaceful and denounce all conflict. I think it is just a tool for animals to create violence and war mongering in its name. Im sure if there were no religion then there would be something else in its place to incite violence.

    I have no doubt religion plays a huge part in conflict around the world but it is only a small number of people who are say muslim that promote violence compared to how many people actually support the religion worldwide.
  9. Religion is a form of mass insanity and should be treated as such. Maybe some form of electro convulsive therapy (Preferably on some sensitive part of the anatomy) will ease them into reality.

    Either that or dump all religious types in the Holy Land, arm them with oriental disembowling cutlasses and let them have trial by combat... Obviously if God is on their side he will protect them!!

    In the meantime of course we could be putting the appropriate Grid Ref into the GPS on the nuke.... We could have a raffle for charity for who gets to press the button and use the proceeds to feed starving children...
  10. I dont particuliary go to to church much except for remeberance and Harvest
    the big days like that. This is basically because I am too hung over to attend :(

    However I believe Churchs are a great driving force for communities and allow
    people to donate monies to appropriate charities, unlike the bullsh*t fake ones
    that do the most advertising :eek:

    I also believe that the Bible is and should be held as a guideline to life. If more people
    were to spend a little time living as stated in the book, we probaly would never have
    the curse of the chavs, corrupt ministers and other evils that dominate our current
  11. If you were a starving child, would you not wish to belive that there was someone, somewhere looking out for you and maybe helping you in small ways?
  12. The problem is religions that are regulated by books (Bible,Koran and other) These are simply out of date.

    No god fearing person would ever go back to their doctor if he/her examined them and then got out a medical book dated from the middle ages.

    Not so long ago everybody knew the world was flat or you should put butter on a burn.
  13. So whos actually forcing you to believe in Allah J_A?

    Do tell.

    Theres some evidence to suggest that those of religious faith live longer, more fulfilling lives.

    Besides dont we need a moral yardstick against which to lead our lives?

    Ok you might think the Ten Commandments are a load of old pony but theres no doubting their moral value.
  14. Taz_786 wrote

    Theres some evidence to suggest that those of religious faith live longer, more fulfilling lives.

    Excluding the suicide bombers of course.Or those who commit adultery.
  15. religeon offends me but as i have no faith i am not represented. took me two years to get my dog tags changed to agnostic... even then i wanted athiest

    next time i see a christian street preacher i will report him to the bizzies for offending my non beliefs.

    same goes for those big muslim speaker systems that play the call to prayer.

    they are invaiding my ears! i am offended!!