Govt. wants to refuse treatment to the elderly

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mrs_Beaton, May 5, 2005.

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  1. It would seem that if you are not a productive member of society through old age, Tony wants to kill you...

    However if you health problems are caused by eating too much or taking it up the bum, that's fine; Tony wants to save you.

    We all get old, we don't all get gay, or obese, therefore this seems a bit of a stupid proposal; the best solution would be to recycle the elderly into Soylent Green...
  2. The disproportionate burden placed on the NHS by certain members of society is a concern that needs to be addressed!

    For example, here is an example of a person who should be tattoed "Do Not Resuscitate" due to the toll on his heart caused by years of lying.

  3. An example of two grotesquely obese NHS burdens requiring euthanasia rather than pies on prescription....


  4. Thats not what nice said .No point using drugs on people when they arent going to make a diffrence .Some medications wont make an appreciable
    diffrence until somebobdy is elderly and has pronuced symptons .Others
    need to be started earlier .A twenty year old dosent need viagra
    a forty year old might .An 80 year old may be too old thats an easy example
    but you get my drift i hope
  5. ...and a serial sex pest who should be chemically castrated to stop his "baby-fathering" and disease transmitting activities...

  6. It's the pervasive socialist social engineering in effect.

    They seem to have no respect for those that gave so much in years past. :roll:
  7. Woody I realise that NICE were not advocating outright the killing of the elderly; although that would solve Tony's looming pension crisis.

    I understand their logic in not treating someone if it will not make an appreceiable difference; what is distinctly unfair is that if your health problems are self inflicted through obesity or other such things, you receive treatment. I object wholeheartedly to this situation unless of course the fat knacker in question has listened to what the doctor said and shed some pounds. If they haven't, they should be hauled off and turned into glue.
  8. The only thing George Orwell got wrong was the year. The time for direct action is approaching.
  9. Or just for being a serial ugly fcuker!
  10. Gents I just returned from UK leave.
    I got back on a Wenesday evening, On Friday night I was having a shower and felt a lump in my scroat sack. Remembering the info we had in my service days I feared Cancer of the Testicals.
    Next morning down to my Doc he confirmed lump but he said not on my 'balls' and sent me to hospital to see surgeon.
    Surgeon confirmed lump and ordered examination by ultrasound next day Sunday. Lump coinfirmed by very nice lady doctor, I cant find it! just keep searching says I with a grin. Surgeon books me in operating theatre and lump removed on Tuesday afternoon. Path lab confims no cancer by next Sunday.
    In UK I would still be worring and waiting for hospital apointment. Cost here in Thailand £409 for hospital and £1.50 for my Doc.
  11. Marvellous stuff. And you didn't get turned into Soylent Green either...

    It does beg the question why can't we do that here? It seems that although we spend an indecent amount of money on the NHS, a great deal of that money goes to pay 'line mangers' and civil servant types. Solution; get rid of them, therefore more money in the NHS. However these newly unemployed would then be receiving benefits, which also need some serious reforming.

    The trouble is, all these people know that Labour will safe guard their jobs; the Tories would come in and cleave the dead weight from these institutions.

    Put simply Labour has bought millions of votes.

    Also, glad to hear there were no long term health concerns Jon.
  12. The NHS has more managers than doctors due to the switch to trust status this was developed by the previous administration not Labour. To dump the bean counters out would cost millions in redundancy payments. Having worked for a health trust I Know that a substancial ammount of it's budget has to be reserved for malpractice litigation. The current situation is due to tory greed and ambulance chasing lawyers. Blair didnt damage the health service he just could'nt afford to fix the damage done.
  13. Blair didn't damage NHS in the beginning but he has not tried to fix it either, there has been more cock-ups in the NHS since 1997 than there was before it. I f more NHS trusts stopped employing people that are a waste of oxygen in the 1st place, get a job with the NHS, and it is very rare anyone is sacked, they do not even have a probabtionary period.

    ps how to find a nurse in local hospital, look for the pc station with internet access :wink: