Govt to Give Pupils From Low Income Homes Home Computers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sven, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. 20,000 pupils from low income families have been earmarked for free computers from the government, with the scheme set to be implemented nationwide by 2009

    BBC Link
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Hi Sven, sort of hate you, but sort of comforting to see you back - there's been absolutely NOBODY worthy of abuse like you are! :twisted:

    I'm now taking bets on how many of these computers will be sold by said families for fag, beer or drug money, and how many of the rest will be used solely for playing computer games.

    I'm thinking that 1 in 100 computers will actually be used for study of any description.

    I'm also thinking that 5,000 other families will feel severely embittered by the fact that they DIDN'T get one.

    In the exceptionaly unlikely event that it actually does some good, I might think it's moderately worthy, but 90% of me thinks it's another waste of our money.
  3. Surely if 1/100 people use it to study and not repeat the mistakes of there chav parents it can't be a bad thing
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If you sterilise the other 99, it'll be cheaper than computers and the same mistakes won't be repeated.
  5. yes but think of all them bored loney MILTF that will have access to the net..........ok 99% will be hippocrocopigs but 1% might be worth it
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    It is being trialed in my area. Will watch it with interest!!
  7. First, I doubt the computers will be powerful enough to play modern games. This will mean that those who might be tempted to sell won't have a market.

    I think that a greater threat to children being able to get computers will be the credit crunch - will the government be able to afford to hand out computers, especially if unemployment gets higher.
  8. If it was something like this, I'd say why not? Education is one of the few routes out of poverty that's both within the government's gift and proved to be effective in a majority of cases. Provided the machines are cheap and durable; there's a limit to what useless activity can be carried out on it; or how much the system can be abused, I'm relatively happy.

    If we're talking about handing out Apple Macbooks 'coz little Chantelle dun wan' nuffink else, little Chantelle can take a flying feck to herself.
  9. On face value, this scheme looks a very poor deal for the state. £300 million for a pilot scheme! That'll be about £10-15 billion nationwide and rising!

    It will barely enhance educational or social skills of those deemed 'poor enough'. And it will probably open the door for a few IT firms to get rich quick (firends of ZANU-NL, perhaps??) and then a bunch of others to flounder and die (not friends of ZANU-NL).

    The only conclusion I draw is that this is another scam to use working class taxpayers money to prop up the core ZANU-NL vote.

    Or is it a canny scheme to tax the working class so much that we all become equally poor? Now there's a thought.
  10. How about spending the money to put decent computors into schools (or youth centers or similar) and make them available after normal hours to those who wish to study under supervised (ie learning) conditions?
  11. It can't be a bad long as they don't end up on ebay, or pawned at the end of the month because mum needs more white lightning and some woodbines ;)
  12. fantastic, so my neighbor who doesn't work, has his rent and council tax paid, and who spends every weekend at his caravan in Yarmouth, will now be given a computer for "his children" who wont get a look in at it, but will be used to spend all day on ebay and facebook. Oh I do love a fair society
  13. Might seem a bit black and white here but anyway here I go ...
    If these children were interested in studying they'd go to their school library / computer room and use the equipment there. Where's the point in GIVING them computers?? I see that encouragement might be a main factor, but looking at the future and making it as far from their drunken doped up folks' lives would be encouragement enough?
    Meh. Not a fan of this scheme.
  14. I did notice on our local news last night a single mother complaining that her child is disadvantaged because he doesn't have a computer. Funny how she still had fags and they had a large flat screen tv though?

    My local library has lots of computers available
  15. Do your library computers run the software packages used by schools DS? Do they even have a spreadsheet package on them? Do they have printers attached and how much do they charge per sheet?

    WC, some schools run after school facilities, but many more are put off by the costs - electricity to run a suite of computers, trained computer staff (teachers are notoriously duff at computing in my experience) and a technician for when the computers go U/S. Then there is distance to school - in the Dales for instance children travel several miles to school.

    Colleges and universities have been handing out low end computers to the disabled for several years. I think this is a progression to that scheme.