Govt to deport Army wife as her husband go to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lanky, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. The government don't give a sh1t for us, so why should they care about our families?

    Can I be the first to be outraged?
  2. Two points:

    First, she is an idiot. Had she complied with the requirements when she moved to UK, she would be a citizen by now and not be getting thrown out.
    I know, becuaes I have been through it and it really is not that difficult.

    But, on the other hand, how come she is getting thrown out but we cant get rid of all the genuinely parasitic illegals. At least this woman is not a burden on our society.

    The case has nothing whatsoever to do with her husband being deployed. That is a red herring! She would have been thrown out anyway at the end of her temporary visa.
  3. Yeah well ya can't expect them to throw out Illegals, that would upset the Bleeding Hearts.
    Might as well start with a nice respectable Honkey.
  4. Meanwhile the Times reported yesterday that a gang of Romanians who have already been imprisoned twice for major credit card fraud, could not be deported after their latest’s sentence was completed, because......
  5. Dog Face

    Let's face it, this Government of ours is an absolute shambles. Consider the facts: this women has an English parent and is married to a serving soldier in the British Army, for fcuk sake! She is not some person who arrived in a container!

    I am about to join the Australian Army; my wife will be given PERMANENT RESIDENCY, my son will be an Australian Citizen within 90 days and so will I. When I read things like this, my belief in what I am doing is re-enforced 10 fold. The Australian Government and Australian Defence Force, actually look after their soldiers' and families'. The welfare system in the British Army is pretty poor; no one cares.

    This Government is a disgrace, the British citizens are being let down all the time. I for one have lost pride and hope in this country. The wave of Brits leaving this country grows and grows.................
  6. LD,

    The system that would have allowed her to stay indefinately is SIMPLE. She and her husband did not follow it.
    Maybe it seems harsh but she is in the situation she is because she and her husband are either not very bright, or just plain idle.
    This has nothing to do with the Govt supporting the troops or otherwise (much as I love B-liar and Brooon bashing.
  7. Seriously, are the facts that our government are ********* and the MOD doesn't give a shit about us or our families really suprise anyone on here?
  8. I'll say it again, "Another EASY target"! They knew who she was and where she was living!

    And what does the Mod intend to do anout it? That's right F@CK ALL!!

    So again, when the moral of many of the troops who are serving Her Majesty is slumping, kick them when they are down!!
  9. Dog Face

    I hear what you say.........

    However, how come the Australian Government and ADF can make it really SIMPLE. I do not support your view that this Government cannot intervene to help this women. The very point that she is married to a serving soldier should be enough.
  10. Say this chap had worked for Walmart/Asda. Would we be outraged that his company had not done anything special? I bow to the above poster who has been through this process-there are any number of organisations that could have helped and while I feel sorry for all concerned the law is just that.

    edited to add-This thread will probably now degenerate into an all to common racist anti imigrant (or rather anti non "white and married to a soldier") rant
  11. Alright, they did wrong by not following the correct rules, but ffs, cant the government show some common sense...............oops, I used the words government and common sense, in the same sentence, how very very stupid !!!
  12. I started this thread and I do not want it to turn into a racist rant, I would have started it if she and her husband had been from Fiji etc.

    Yes, she should have followed the proper procedures, but can't the government apply some commonsense!
  13. Whilst agreeing with DOG FACE. I am at a loss as to why dependants of FN soldiers serving in HMF (as FN forces personnel are) are not subject to Section 8 (4) of the 1971 Immigration Act which states that 'He/she is not subject to any condition or limitation on the period of permitted stay in the United Kingdom.'

    What this does is remove FN servicemen/women from Immigration control whilst serving, on completion of their service if he/she has served for four years or more they can then apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the UK, which many do.

    In this case the lady concerned should leave the UK, and then apply for a two-year visa spouse very rarely refused, if refused granted of appeal. She can then apply for ILR leading on to an application for UK citizenship.

    This may seem harsh, leaving her children behind husband serving in Stan etc but contrary to what is stated in the numerous newspapers Daily Mail et al this criteria is applied to all.

    From my experience she would better of leaving (by voluntary means) and applying for a visa spouse it would save all the hassle and heartache.

    In respect to the term 'deportation' used and abused so often by the press and others, a deportation order has to be signed by the Secretary of State the order is effective for fours years, more often that not served on criminals terrorists etc.

    In this case if the lady concerned remains in the UK after her visit visa has expired she coud be 'served papers' as an overstayer, she would not be served a deportation order as an O/S she may be subject ' to an administrative removal' from the UK if she has not left by her own accord her passpport would be stamped to reflect this. However, as stated IMHO dependants should be bought in line with their spouses if they are serving as FN HMF.

    The goverment really do need to sort this out..........
  14. All tghis bollox about how simple it is is irrelevant if some tosser in the Coc didn't give them the right info/advice. DFS seems to have been given that advice which made it simple which explains why he can be such a smug bs. This isn't really the government it's some civil servant who finds it earsier to say why she can't stay than to find ways of making it possible ffor he rto stay.Once again RULES "for the advice of wise men and the blind obedience of fools"