Govt prepares plans to deal with panic migration from greece?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ugly, May 26, 2012.

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  1. ugly

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  3. ugly

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    Naafi though so an open target!
  4. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    And a slightly more serious answer. The Telegraph is carrying the same story.

    Theresa May: we'll stop migrants if euro collapses - Telegraph

    Here is the key part:

    If the euro starts to break up - and that's a distinct possibility - the border controls could be brought in under the 'exceptional circumstances' ruling. No job - no entry into the UK.

    In addition, if the euro does break up, we are in for a nasty recession. We have a lot of benefit tourists in the UK. I have nothing against hard working Europeans who come to this country - and they can stay with my blessing. But, if we use the 'exceptional circumstances' clause, we should get rid of the work-shy back to their parent countries after a suitable warning period. Get a job within 6 months, or we'll deport you. That would bring UK PLC's welfare budget down by several billion a year as we'll have less claimants.

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  5. I don't understand what's going on it's all Greek to me.....
  6. Fair one, although I always thought anything mentioning Theresa May was a 'free fire zone' anyway :)
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  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Go on you know you would!
  8. hmmmmm......... more hummus??
  9. It's carrying the same story because it has been leaked from the same source (someone in Theresa's office). Good God; next thing we'll know is that politicians and newspaper owners / editors / spads are getting far too cosy with each other.

    PM to May: "Look it's all going to go tits up and the tabloids are going to make a meal out of 'Bubbles Coming Over Here and Taking Our Jobs'. I want you to read out this statement I've already emailed to all the newspapers saying that we don't want unemployed bubbles over here. It will keep 'em quiet. Sorry Rupert, I was saying that, oh, where's the off switch.....".

    May to PM: Roger that. Out.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

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  11. I don't think it's as much to do with wealthy tax dodgers as those at the other end of the spectrum.

    Very disturbing reports from Greece in the last few weeks describe malnourished children being abandoned by parents who can't feed them and pharmacies running out of drugs. It looks very like the Greeks are about to elect a government that will raise two fingers to "austerity" which means that the bailout cash from the EU and IMF will dry up.

    Greece is going to go bankrupt and, within a few months, they won't be able to pay public sector salaries or welfare benefits. Vast numbers of Greeks are about to see their income drop to zero in the near future.

    We're about to see large movements of refugees in Western Europe for the first time since the Second World War. It will occur to many of them that RyanAir will fly them from Greece to Stansted for the price of a bottle of ouzo. If they have children with them, they will be entitled to a free house on arrival and unlimited legal aid to challenge anybody who says no to them.

    Twelve weeks after arrival in the UK, they will be entitled to full access to the most generous welfare system in the world. Rather better than living, destitute, on the streets of Athens after a Greek bank reposesses your house.

    Regarding the "emergency provisions", I couldn't agree more with the picture of a flying pig. We can't even scrutinise the passports of those arriving in the UK at the moment. How are we going to stop tens or hundreds of thousands of Greek refugees?

    It will take years, perhaps decades, for all of the deportation orders to be appealed all the way to the Euro Court. I doubt that the Lib Dems will allow the Tories to introduce primary legislation to permit quick deportations or to ignore decrees from ECHR.

    Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and perhaps even France are likely to follow Greece into the Euro U bend and the entire populations of those countries are legally entitled to unlimited welfare benefits from the British government.

    We are stuffed. Convert your savings into Swiss Francs and emigrate now.
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  12. She has just been reading Der Spiegel from 16th May (zuwanderer-rekord, schuldenkrise treibt hunderttausende nach Deutschland) & cottoned on to the fact that, as usual, the Germans are already on to the problem. They have already done something about it by simply ignoring their 1957 ? eu treaty obligation to treat other eu citizens equally as far as social security is concerned by closing the shutters on them at the beginning of this year. If anybody is unhappy about it they can sue them in the hope that they will have starved & gone home by then & can`t pay a lawyer anyway.

    The key figures are 960000 more came in 2011, highest figure for 15 years. 90% more Greeks & 52% more Spaniards compared to 2010. The other phenomenon is an increase of 43% in the numbers from the new eu states who joined in 2004 Rumania, Bulgaria etc. now that the initial restrictions they had in place have expired.

    But there again, you`ve got to laugh at one German master plan going seriously wrong. Serves them right.
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  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Greece might hang on a bit longer. They're going to get an anti-austerity government, be it Syriza or New Democracy led. (ND have jumped on the anti-austerity bandwagon as they see it a vote winner). Even if Merkel does want to pull the plug, Monti and Rajoy will band together with Hollande to out vote her. Given the cracks now emerging in the Spanish economy I don't think they'll want to risk Spain being pulled into the Euro U bend. But that only defers the problem, not solves it.

    By very publicly saying that citizens of specified countries will be refused entry to the UK without applying for a visa and providing proof of a job. This could be done under the 'emergency provision' clause. Don't let them into the UK - period. They could take us to the European Court of Justice, but not the European Court of Human Rights. (I don't recall the Human Rights act saying you have a right to settle in the country of your choice).

    The ECJ is about interpreting the EU's laws. Emergency provisions are already written into those laws, so we'd be acting within the EU's law - a country exiting the euro is an emergency by anyone's definition. If you don't let them into the country, they can neither claim benefits, nor legal aid. If a lawyer tries to act on their behalf, don't fund the case out of the public purse and boot it into the long grass. In any event, I don't think we'll be the only country enacting 'emergency provisions'.

    Fine airlines, ferry companies and the railways heavily for bringing customers to the UK without a valid visa and job. £20,000 pounds each instance will make them take care. And put more people on border control - their salary is going to be less than the potential payout in benefits.

    I think we're heading for major economic turmoil, mass movements of populations trying to flee de facto failed states like Greece, and Europe wide hardship. At that point the UK needs to stop acting like a good European and start putting the needs of the UK's citizens first.

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