Govt plans to ban replica guns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Mar 11, 2005.

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    And this is the government who only fairly recently promised no further restrictions on shooting... :roll:

    A serious point here is that if it becomes as difficult to acquire a replica gun illegally as a real gun, then what do you think the criminals will choose? I would rather 100 criminals walking around with Softair guns than 1 criminal walking around with a 9mm - the 100 can only scare; the 1 can kill.

    Another point is that the proposed definition is wholly subjective. "Reasonable people" have been convinced that bananas and hammers in plastic bags were real guns and handed over cash. In NL designs are approved by a committee as to whether they are replicas or not - the problem lies in that it is actually more illegal to own a Glock softair gun than an illegal Glock 9mm, since they fall under different sections of the law. I was also informed that robbery with a firearm will get you 5 yrs whereas robbery with a replica will get you 7.... :roll:

    Doing all these illegal things with replicas is...well...illegal already, so why not just lock the perps up for that? Oh, wait. These are politicians, so they want new laws to try to solve the problem! To a man with a hammer etc etc etc...

    And before someone comes up with the "I see no legitimate reason blah blah blah", here's some:
    Film & theatre
    Training (e.g. unarmed self-defence against armed opponents, airgun training with similar ergonomics to a real gun, basic safe firearms handling etc)
    Softair wargaming (it may be slightly in bad taste, but it's fundamentally the same as paintballing)
    Starting races
  2. Neue Arbeit acting on their trademark kneejerk. Banning something which is already illegal - just means that perpetrator and legitimate collectors/gamers now get the same pi$$-ant sentence, because judges are allergic to prosecution and sentencing, apart from where theres a simple yes/no answer. I.E "Man X was in possession of an airsoft replica, therefore he must have been intending to hold up a bank with it." If its something clear cut like "Man Y set a fire with the purpose of luring firemen out to shoot at them with an air weapon, and kills a child" things become a bit more controversial. Government bans anything seen as remotely dangerous to relieve the Judges of any decision which might require use of their training, or god forbid, balls.
  3. ...but no mention of banning their issue to British soldiers.
  4. Why not crack down on the criminals instead?
  5. if the police can shoot a man dead for carrying a chair leg . I say
    let them kill a few scrotes carrying replicas air soft is silly but harmless
    air soft guns are less dangerouses than air guns and let the immature
    play soldiers leave them alone .Oh and someone tell them if they find a fake firearm its not a fire arm is it ?
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Waiting for that one!
  7. You poor, poor misguided fool. What sort of country would it be that locked up people just for committing a crime. Have you been living abroad for some time? :lol:
  8. Because that would involve some hard work for the govt and the home office! :wink:

    Labours idea of dealing with a problem is to redefine it until it is no longer a problem.

  9. What the public fails to realise is that actually DOING something that reduces crime, has a far lower priority to the Gov't than looking as if they have done something.
    Reality is not a word in the Gov'ts lexicon.

    Knobheads :x
  10. There are laws already in place to deal with people who use firearms or "fakes/imitation/replicas" in committing crime, just apply the law as it is.

    Any law to ban replicas will be as effective as the handgun ban.....Oh f*ck me that ban didn't work did it...

    How about a ban of fake/imitation/replica MP's ie those MP's that sit on their fat f*cking arses doing f*ck all of any real help to real people but spend their time pandering to catchy headlines and inventing new ways of fiddling their expense chit's.
  12. Banning an implement used in violent crime is useless. They should look at the causes of the crime in the first place. Next it will be knifes (of ALL kinds) followed by a total ban on any kind of blunt object and rounders bats. Bans solve nothing but to hand votes to incompetants by a jittery and foolish polulance.
  13. I thought that's what real MPs did? :?

    Besides, and admittedly I not had one pointed aggressively in my face, it's not all that hard to spot the difference betweena replica airsoft gun and a real one.