Govt orders email cover-up Monday

Blair's Cabinet office orders destruction of government emails before Freedom of Information Act comes into force. Too late to save Blunkett, but what other scandals are being covered up? Not to mention the operational information which will be lost. If you had email correspondence with any Govt Dept more than 3 months ago, forget it, they will on Monday.

from PA via excellent Scotsman website. Original story is from the Times:

Sat 18 Dec 2004 12:19am (UK)
Cover-Up Claim over 'Destroy Whitehall Emails' Order

By James Lyons, PA Political Correspondent

Tony Blair was accused of fostering a cover-up culture today after it emerged million of emails to civil servants at the heart of government would be wiped on Monday.

The Cabinet Office, which backs up the Prime Minister and co-ordinates work across other departments, has ruled that emails more than three months old must be deleted from December 20, The Times reveals.

The deadline comes 11 days before the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act comes into force.

Shadow technology minister Michael Fabricant told the paper: “This begs the question, how much more does the Labour administration need to hide?”

The Cabinet Office’s 2,000 civil servants have been told to print and file emails that should be disclosed, but there will be no supervision.

Many officials, including those in the PM’s Strategy Unit and the Offices of Alan Milburn and Cabinet Secretary Sir Andrew Turnbull, receive around 100 emails a day so could have 3,000 in their mailboxes.

A Cabinet Office spokeswoman insisted the move was not about the new laws or “the destruction of important records”.

“Paying to store outdated records which are no longer any use wastes taxpayers’ money,” she told PA.

But Assistant Information Commissioner Phil Boyd, who is responsible for enforcing FoI requests, reportedly fears important files could be lost.

Alan Beith, Liberal Democrat leader of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, said: “This has the appearance of trying to get round the new Freedom of Information legislation. “It certainly appears they are not observing the spirit of the Act.

“The FoI legislation was meant to result in a change of culture, not a wholesale clear-out.”
Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 7:16 am    Post subject: Govt orders email cover-up Monday
Blair's Cabinet office orders destruction of government emails before Freedom of Information Act comes into force.

Your FCUKing joking. Surely


Kit Reviewer
John, Hackle's not known for his sense of humour.
At least, not where this government's concerned !

However this bit's quite interesting:

The Times said:
There is also an absolute exemption on information held by the Houses of Parliament which, if disclosed, could prejudice Cabinet collective responsibility or inhibit free and frank advice or discussion about public affairs.
It is good to see open government in practice! :evil:

The silver lining to this cloud is that the news was probably released by the only trustworthy source nowadays - a disgruntled civil servant (think of the workload this little gem will generate) - and that this is more mud sticking to Bliar and his lot of lying sh!ts. :twisted:
Just how much space do a couple of million emails occupy when saved? About a shoebox-full, so the 'saving space' argument is farcical.

Let's hope that civil service printers have been working overtime recently.
As usual,B-liar's shower of effluent,will try and cover their tracks when they can. :twisted:

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