Govt. launches 'Your Freedom' - worth the bother?

Four days ago (I think) the government launched its online Your Freedom initiative, asking members of the public for their ideas for cutting red tape, shedding burdersome regulations and repealing bad or unncesessary laws. Now, a cynic (read: realist) might suggest it has something of the publicity stunt or "consultation" sop about it, but, assuming it is at least somewhat on the level, is there any way this could be used to help cut out any rubbish affecting servicemen?

There's a lot of stuff I can imagine people clamouring to repeal - the Murder (Abolition of the Death Penalty) Act, the European Communities Act and so on - but I'm thinking more specifically of things Arrse users might have particular expertise in. The late, great George MacDonald Fraser, for example, bemoaned the declining opportunities for veterans to pursue careers in private security companies in the UK, with the Third World having to turn increasingly to highly disciplined and scrupulous Bolivians and the like for its mercenary needs instead. It's not ot something I can say I know much about, but if there is legislation making it harder for people to set these firms up and train their people here as they do in the US I'd be interested to hear what it is. Then of course there's the almost too incredible stories of squaddies having their Leathermans taken off them by RAF police when they board aircraft - if this really does happen there's surely an amendment to something worth recommending there.

A few veterans I know are very into shooting sports, too, which is something that's been under a lot of legislative strain. Others are very outdoorsy and enjoy things like wild camping - being Scots, my understanding is that our position is much more favourable than that of our Sassenach neighbours, but there are still a lot of people who complain that the position of enthusiasts is poor when compared to, say, the rights enjoyed by people in the Scandanavian countries - "Everyman's Rights". Would introducing similar regimes improve things, or would we just end up with a lot of eldery gentlemen in high socks and wooly hats sending hill farmers' livestock scattering to the four winds? Also, would you propose anything to make it easier for you to camp, build fires, cycle, ski, sledge or ride? If you enjoy a little bushcraft, do you find the legislation on carrying blades is particularly overbearing or ill-thought out? Perhaps the rules for buying and importing are as much of a pest as the rules on carry?

I'd be very interested to hear any of your thoughts, and to see links to any proposals you do post on the site. You just have to register a username and password, there's no e-mail validation nonsense. It would at the least be nice to see a counterweight to all the people proposing the army just be abolished as a cost cutting measure. Nothing ventured nothing gained, and all that jazz.
If it keeps little Cleggie happy and busy then it is probably worth the investment in a website.
The devil is always in the detail: exactly who is going to get to decide what constitutes, "burdersome regulations" or "bad or unnecessary laws"? I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of lobbying for the removal of the working time directive, minimum wage and various other 'burdensome' employment laws.

I fully expect to see the same mentality as around public sector spending cuts - "I don't use it therefore it's unnecessary and needs to go".
I tried to use the site but it was utter shite. Kept on breaking down and it had loads of broken links. I was going to use it to show my support for the repealing of this countries ridiculous drugs policy. Despite history showing us time and time and time again that prohibition doesn't work, and despite us pouring billions into the war on drugs with absolutely no results, and with tens of thousands dying around the world from drug related violence, the government still seems to think that pandering to Daily Mail readers on drug related issues is the way to go.

For evidence of what a more liberal drugs policy can achieve, just look at Portugal (Its decriminalised all drugs for personal use. If you are caught dealing you will still be arrested however)):

Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work? - TIME

Its worked wanders and yet our media and government has ignored it.
I the local chav could get an 1/8th of weed down the local drug centre, it would take so many dealers out, and cut crime. There have been so many raids on residential cannabis factories by me recently I have lost count. The chopper is constantly out.
A lot of shooters have used the site to press for a review of the firearms legislation (including yours truly).

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