Govt is planning news blackout on Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Army faces Afghan gag for election

    The Ministry of Defence has been accused of ordering a “truth blackout” over the war in Afghanistan amid warnings it is attempting to “bury bad news” during the election campaign.

    British journalists and TV crews are to be banned from the Afghan front line once a date for the election has been set, while senior officers will be prohibited from making public speeches and talking to reporters.

    MoD websites will also be “cleansed” of any “non-factual” material including anything containing troops’ opinions of the war, according to a memo leaked to The Daily Telegraph.
  2. So thats why Cyclops went to Bastion to put pressure on the military
  3. Ahhh the election.... A good day to bury bad politicians!
  4. A disgrace.Gurr should be ashamed of himself.He's paid to communicate,after all.
  5. Good luck.

    That's what camera phones and encrypted email were invented for.

    In any case, I'm sure that the other Dangerous Dave and 'Shagger' Clegg will bring their own camera men as they embark on fact finding missions to determine how many working helicopters, Snatch Land Rovers and still leaking Nimrods are in Afghanistan.

    That is what junior officers, gin 'n tonic and the phrase 'unnamed, highly placed military sources' were invented for.

    That's what Google cache was invented for.

    Seems Labour have learned nothing from the Steven Purcell fiasco if they think they can control the news to that extent. Anybody else see some 'emergency legislation to extend the Official Secrets Act' on the horizon?
  6. Just been reading on Guido about Mr Purcell done a runner has he ?
  7. Pity we couldnt cleanse the labour party manifesto of any non factual statements... would fit on a postage stamp.
  8. This Bloody country is turning into a joke! What the hell did we all risk our lives for in various wars,only to see this rubbish in the papers?
    There are brave People out there fighting for Afgans "Rights" and "Freedom of speach",etc... and are getting killed and maimed for it and we don,t seem to have the same rights over here, in the "Fatherland"
    There are plenty of other blokes that did the same in other Wars,(not that our Govt. ever uses that term),I was in "The Troubles" in N.I....I,m totally fed up with it all and am getting out,A.S.A.F.P.......I,ll send you all post card....good luck with this sh1thole!!!!
    Have I given up...?..YES I BLOODY HAVE!!!
  9. I am sure some arrsers would like to be gagged and bagged

    however back to the point, its fantastic that the British Army are in other countries fighting to give other people freedom and free speech, whereas in the UK we cannot exercise this right ourselves.

    but i am sure Cyclops has said to the generals "here are your helicopters now shut the fukc up" and by the way don't break or scratch them we have them on loan till after the elections.
  10. I bet you a tenner you don't go to prison for posting that.
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Its fairly standard before an election and is known as purdah.
  12. They can't gag the bad news, all this ensures is that the only news from Afghanistan will be deaths.
  13. Oh well I am sure arrse will be open for business. Welcome to marxist Britain, if Labour win that should put a seal on it, with a helping hand from the MoD.

    Guess true feelings will be on show in Wootton Bassett high street. I am sure the marxists running the country will be delighted to see the repatriations turn political.
  14. Fair point Rattler,
    but bollocks to the lot of them....we,ve got the best Army in the world and quite a lot of us have served in it and are rightly proud....(Doesn,t matter what Regiment)....We all tried to do our little bit to keep People alive.What makes my piss fizz is throwing damn fine people away for our politcal masters whims.....when they are only going to sell us out anyway....N.Ireland is a typical case.....we,re all "mates again" with Adams and McGuinness and tons of IRA twats are back out of jail.....We fought and many lost their lives or limbs to put those blokes behind,s crap....Do yo think now that we,re all "Friends" again,the MP,S are going to bring all our dead troops back and send them back to their families?
    The same thing is going to happen in Afganistan as it did in N.Ireland and VietNam.
    Sorry,but that,s my opinion....take it or leave it.