Govt findings from a "Racial Equality" survey

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCT(V), Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. If it wasn't for the Yongle Emperor the Chinese would have been the dominant nation for the past 500 odd years.
    He was the bloke that stopped the chinese navy/merchant fleet from going anywhere and when you see what the Chinese ships of the time were like (10 times the size of European ships) it does make you wonder what would have happened if they hadn't scrapped the lot.
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  2. which set?
    a) Origionals.
    b) Johny come lately convicts.
    c) JCL guards/warders.
  3. Although the Ming state abandoned maritime trade, there were plenty of Chinese involved in it. The Zheng family (Coxinga's) could command fleets out of Fujian that dominated the sea routes from the Philippines to Japan and numbered tens of thousands of ocean-going hulls. At one point, they were trading the Ming, Qing, Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese off again each other.

    If Chenggong had been a touch more pragmatic in his loyalties, we might not have found trailing our coats up the Chinese Coast quite so easy.

  4. Even that nice Mr Obama did, for being pigmented apparently, so whitey Blair stands no chance, thank goodness.
  5. "They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own."

    Guess who. ;)
  6. I am actually of Chinese descent but I have indeed in the past been effectively referred to as an 'uncle Tom' by earth and his friends....
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  7. My bold, if you look at the way China has progressed in the last 40 - 50 years, funnily enough partially because of Communism eradicating a lot of the old traditional hierarchy, it becomes more apparent that they are now one of the top countries in the world and will become the number one in a relatively short time.
    Their manufacturing base is immense and dominates many fields. Their expansion into Africa , S. America & to a certain extent Australia, to secure a lot of the mineral raw materials has been done gradually & quietly over this time complete with a substantial Chinese infrastructure to support it. I can give examples in Zambia where they offered to build the Tanzania - Zambia Railway back in the '60/70's to avoid the route through what was then S. Rhodesia & SA. They initially just sent surveyors & engineers but it became apparent that the Local labour were insufficient and so up to 50,000 Chinese were sent to do the REAL work and local labour was only used for the most menial of tasks. This work force needed feeding so the Chinese sent small farmers to work small holdings to provide much of the food the Chinese workforce preferred. These in the main have settled and sell their excess produce in the local markets much to the moans of Africans who don't seem to be able to compete. Chinese now run the railway, with a few token Africans and have expanded into taking over & running much of the mining industry & a lot of other industries, normally keeping a token African in a senior but purely ornamental position, often a close relative/friend of a senior African politician to keep things sweet politically. Africans in the main are only ever used as very menial tasks unless it is as a favour to a local politician. It is much the same I understand in Malawi, where despite not having a large mineral output, there are rumours of oil in one of its provinces.
    From what I read & hear similar things are happening all over Africa & S. America.
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  8. My apologies I may have, at least in part, confused you with another poster
  9. Why is there an armourer living in the back of your skull?
  10. We have enough rappers without any more white ones.
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  11. Goodness me...the blighters are being completely racist.
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