Govt findings from a "Racial Equality" survey

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCT(V), Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Well it's not promoted these days is it, after all only Africans have been slaves:rolleyes:
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  2. Australians are certainly not that bright .
    I demand a recount .
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  3. Only if you catch them sober.
  4. A sober Australian!

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  5. Timing is key, you have to catch them between their first beer and their first huff of petrol.
  6. Even CERN don't have instruments that can detect time intervals that short. In fact, I'm not sure the Universe has them ... Planck time - Wikipedia
  7. Dear Government ,

    And another thing ....

    Why do we all have to eat halal meat despite the fact that it's a despicably cruel way of killing animals and has a dehumanising effect on the staff that work at halal abattoirs ,simply to satisfy a minority of believers in sky fairies ?
    Why are we not even given the facts , let alone the choice , by labelling the meat " Killed by Halal" ?
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  8. Some of you may remember the thread I started regarding BAME recruiting. BAME Recruiting in the Forces Like I say alot of the issues of under-representation is likely to be cultural than any form of racial prejudice. As an anecdote, the army is the one organisation where I have experienced the least racism and I have never been made to feel any different by my peers because of my race.
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  9. Shit, we must have been doing our bigotry wrong for all these years...
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  10. No, we got it just right. There was Army on the one hand, then RN, civvies and RAF* on the other.

    *In order of decreasing martial capability.
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  11. If I recall correctly you are of Indian extraction and recieved a fair amount of abuse over on the India defence forum and on here from Earth and cronies - for expressing less than negative opinions about the UK, Brits and arssers,
    Including accusations you were really of Pakistani** descent and just trying to attack Indiand

    **Pakistani was not the word used and it was cojoined with numerous other derogatory descriptive terms***

    *** I have in the past quoted Earths term for those of Pakistani origin - The post was removed and the moderator responsible rather charitably declined to give me ROPS given the context of my usage
  12. I deny any knowledge or familiarity with this Bulldog of which you speak.
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  13. I dunno, those RAF chappies seem to have got one up on the Army ...


    Gp Capt William "Adolf" Heydrich
    (Grand Wizard)[/QUOTE]
  14. For an excellent read of how Europeans conquered the world and why read Jared Diamond's, 'Guns, Germs and Steel'.
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  15. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Years ago I found a book called 'Race' in the local library. Can't remember the author, Baker? Bakker? no doubt I shall remember next week when the little man in the brown dust coat at the back of my skull finds it. The salient point for this thread, disregarding different bone fusion skull patterns in Lapps etc, was the recapitulation of IQ scores from the 1917 US draft. The average for Blacks was 5 points behind whites. Ah, you say, culturally disadvantaged not integrated etc. Then you will discover that Asians were 5 points ahead of whites although in many ways in 1917 almost ghettoised, and descended largely from coolie labourers brought in to do pick and shovel work on railways. As to American blacks, the original imports were the survivors of extraordinary brutality and deprivation, and after arriving no little white genes must have been absorbed, largely without consent I would imagine. How many African-Americans are so to speak pure bred I do wonder.

    I have long thought that if China ever shakes Communism loose and liberates individual creativity, the West is finished.
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