Govt findings from a "Racial Equality" survey

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCT(V), Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. That's nice: where's the paper on density you referred to when it came to swimming? Preferably not from a fruitloop conspiracy magazine.
  2. That was a quick rub.

    Actually read the article? Or paid attention to the fact that I had said ‘possibly’ but had touched upon the fact that there might have been a racial element in why black swimmers may have been disadvantaged.

    Interestingly though your hair trigger reaction could possibly confirm other theories. Not sure about your offer of fellatio and exhibitionism on an open forum is entirely appropriate though??
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  3. He's not missing much snubbing his Nobel prize

    The whole concept of a Nobel peace prize is a joke anyway, Kissenger managed to get one, even the Nazi scientists who invented Zyklon B got Nobel peace prizes

    I'm just surprised Tony Blair hasn't got a Nobel peace prize yet
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  4. Zheng He, Xu Fu, Wang Dayuan... You've probably never heard of them because their exploits aren't widely publicised in English rather than because they weren't impressive. You might also want to consider that Marco Polo didn't blaze any new trails but followed ones which had been long established by others, many of whom were Chinese.

    The 'Western' centric view of history that's dominated our viewpoint for the last couple of centuries doesn't really provide an accurate representation of what was going on across the globe. It does make us feel warm and fuzzy about ourselves, though, and that's the important thing. Right up to the point reality kicks us in the arse again.
  5. Well, the here-and-now situation is that our star is waning, so it strikes me as not that bright to be banging on to those whose stars are in the ascendant about how superior we were and how they should just get over being treated badly.

    Sort of begging for comeuppance, kinda thing.
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  6. The Flynn effect? Flynn effect - Wikipedia


    I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords.
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  7. You're thinking of Fritz Haber, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He wasn't much of a Nazi though, given that he was Jewish.

    The man actually credited with inventing Zyklon B was Walter Heerdt. He didn't get a Nobel Prize for anything and was very much not a Nazi.
  8. My Abdul comment wasnt an ethnic jest - It was an example - If I was feeling uncharitable I would point out that the fact you see any mention of an ethnic minority not being held up as apillar of society as an expression of racism suggests just how insidious this policy of White guilt and all white fault are racist and all brown folk victims.

    Ever see the domestic violence adverts - some one tells you your worthless all the time you start to believe it - Well equally plausibly if people tell you youre racist -(just because) all the time you will start to believe you are - ditto being told you are a victim of racism every time something untoward happens.

    However in the interests of debate - To clarify the Abdul comment - name chosen at random - but activity of slave raiding the UK ( which was still a living memory at the time the Atlantic trade kicked off ) selected as a direct contrast as to how certain folk ( regardless of colour) treat the 2 events. 1 is in the past and largely unknown the other a stick to beat over the head of anyone not conforming to policy x

    To whit - Clearly and correctly we do not hold peoples responsible for their ancestors actions - Yet we are being held accountable for ours - Not just by insert ethnic group - who need to be told get a grip (again here in UK - US is another issue) but also white guilt trippers.

    You are quite correct that we wont become a great nation harking on past glories but its equally true that wont be achieved by a never ending colonial guilt and policies ostensibly to apologise for this that are nought but divisive.

    I think youve missunderstood the thrust of my argument (and that may well be my fault) my point about white / National / Cultural or other supremacy wasnt about remanissing past glories - but by way of explaining how insert group got to be the most ruthless nastiest bastards / efficient military machine (the 2 are neither mutually exclusive nor synomynous)

    **Which of course is almost policy in some quarters by the more virulent activists
    Racism can only come from the Majority Ahem South Africa - Zimbabwe
    Became racism can only come from those with power Ahem Zimbabwe again and its persecution of white farmers -
    Became talk of privelage - and if you are Brown you can be prejudiced against whites but as you have no power*** you cant be racist.

    In effect racism is redéfinie as a Whites only crime -
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  9. In all fairness, a lot of people have never heard of the Arab slave trade.
  10. Really?
  11. I elaborated in an edit - but yes - thats rather the point I was making
  12. Is the Bulldog shut down then?
  13. That's the point, I never said they did I was rather making the point that the elitists try to underscore or to dumb down. . I had never heard of those two but then the chinese do very little of that kind of publicity and orientalism is seen by many as exceptional. We've only found out how the vikings operated recently, so how would you expect the average person to know. Marco Polo in some respects is only emblematic. My bold. That is the function of self promotion