Govt findings from a "Racial Equality" survey

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCT(V), Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. A search did NOT indicate someone had already started a similar thread . . .

    Today, our Govt is publishing the findings of a "Racial Equality" survey that it has carried out throughout ALL Departments.

    The Govt will probably get the "answer" it doesn't want to hear; that many folk (already) believe to be true; and that - at least - ONE fella has actually, at last, thankfully, articulated . . .

    " . . . Men go to great lengths to avoid the right answer or wise course. We see this with race. Three generations ago , when social reformers and political leaders looked at the condition of the black man, they were presented with three possible explanations. One was biology, the reason most people accepted for the differences between blacks and whites. The other was some form of magic, like God blessed the white race or cursed the black race. Few people thought that was right. The other choice was culture. The laws and institutions of the nation were rigged against the black man . . . . ".

    It is worth reading the whole article!

    Race Realism | The Z Blog

    Copyright: This entry was posted in Badder Thoughts, Race by thezman.
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  2. Surely the differences in people are really down to the culture and shared history where they live, and their upbringing not what skin pigments they have. Putting it down to biology is going to lead people down the path to Eugenics

    The racism thing is awkward though, I think most people are racist to some degree subconsciously, and the best way to avoid that surely is to encourage employers to select the best person for the job irrespective of who they are

    Which is where it all seems to go wrong, i.e. the modern notion of positive discrimination, where replacing one form of discrimination for another is seen as the right thing...whether it's applied on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, gender or sexuality, and it's essentially labeling people as being different from other and leading people to think they only got their job because of tokenism
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  3. Black persons thought they were being targetted in a North London Boro when figures released showed 70% of stop and search stops were black youths.

    Then someone let on the youth population of same borough was 70%+ black youths.

    Then we have the muslim and black prison population which is well over represented as per popuation in the Country.

    But I guess jury's are racists as well.

    The tail is wagging the dog and Mrs May dropped a large bollock in pandering to the minority and ordering this report
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  4. As I am apparently racist and guilty of being white I shall spend tonight cutting eyes into my pillowcases.

    They are blue though, will this be an issue?
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  5. One thing I've thought, I've no idea how this can be actually proved, is surveys can only results based on the answers (no shit Sherlock) so if a demographic tick the "Prefer not to answer" box it slews the findings. So surveys and findings are by definition not a true result of reality.
  6. You have blue pillowcases?
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  7. Or those trained in surveys and data gathering/data analysis. Read the questions carefully on a survey as some are very closely worded but if you give the same answer it skews the result.
    A survey is trying to prove something for someone. Are leading questions involved to guide the result.

    rare thing a true and honest survey.
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  8. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    There is a great deal of difference between being racist and being aware of some often very quite obvious differences. Unfortunately, it is politically useful to some people to readily conflate the two.
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  9. No a bit more sensitive to sunlight than brown eyes but no real problems
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  10. You could wear coloured contact lenses, flaming red would be a good choice.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Funnily enough, categorising people by race is about as fascist as you can get.
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  12. Do you have any empirical evidence to support such an assertion?

    Did you read the article?

    This "Eugenics" that you mention . .

    Is that the same as "gene editing", to remove inherited diseases, medical problems?

    Is that the same as couples from similar socio-economic backgrounds; with similar academic/university achievements; with similar employment; only producing offspring together/amongst themselves?

    . . . would you advocate enforced parenting between those from different socio-economic backgrounds . . . and, WHY?!
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  13. Will this audit show disparities that do not confirm the liberal establishment's belief that ethnic minorities are always the victim?

    Will absent fathers be examined for instance or women with multiple children by multiple fathers, Ulrika Jonnsonn springs to mind.

    Or will anything that doesn't fit in with the desired narrative be excised from the survey?
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  14. They match the duvet cover but I will trip up if I wear that.
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  15. I know a seemstress if that helps?
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