Govt DNA Database Project

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dontenn, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. Well the Govt has announced a new project to collect all peoples DNA for research in to various illnesses to keep us all safe in the future.. HMMMM thought we were cutting budgets, I am all for research into possible cures and all that and they can have my DNA anytime (they probably have it anyway).

    Think I smell another rat here - years down the road they will sell all the DNA details to dodgey Companies, and while we are watching X Factor repeats on UK GOLD the phone rings forget claims companies

    'Hi Mister Dontenn we are DNA R US and our computors have noticed you may have iffy levis (Genes) will will pass you on to our resident siencetist for further consultation PLEASE HAVE YOUR CREDIT DETAILS TO HAND'.

    Can't wait.
  2. As long as Capita don't get the project I'll be happy.
  3. What's that old saying? Oh yes, 'Information is power' a lot of the government's time seems to be devoted to collecting info on the populace, with new ideas all the time, pay per mile, with a spy in every car, in London using an Oyster card means ALL your public transport trips and timings are recorded. The wish list to record all e-mails, mobile phone usage, and texts sent and received.

    Orwell's 'Big Brother' is coming to pass, in little increments, until one day, all will be recorded. Of course the great and the good's records will not be open to public perusal, does anyone remember the idea of having all children's records on computer file, which we were assured was totally secure, except that the children of the rich, famous, and powerful, would be less accessible than the hoi-poloi?
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  4. G4S will be guarding site. Nothing to worry about.
    Why don't the government finally come clean. We're all to be dna tested, microchipped and tattooed with a bar code.
    Now line up in an orderly fashion.

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  5. Don't forget the Tesco card. Spy on everything you do, they do. They even know how much tin foil you buy to make those hats with.
  6. it's ok, I steal mine. Ha, that'll screw the bastards data up.
  7. Well I for one am totally, 101% sure the information wont be misused, lost or in any way cause agro.

    What's that bar keep?

    Yes, I will have another one, pint of vodka please.
  8. We ought to have some sort of great big NHS spine.
  9. To make up for the managements lack of?
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  10. There is no ends to the amount of money the great and the good can spend, keep paying your taxes comrade it's all for the good of the country.
  11. If this database is for the greater good, and it could be... will it be anonymous? Or will it be linked to individuals?

    If linked, will the Police be able to raid it looking for rapists, theives etc? Will the CSA be able to use it?

    Will the info eventually be sold to private industry, such as a privatiesed NHS in order to sequester those fromthe shallow end of hte gene pool?
  12. Your data is saffe with the govt. citizen, you can trust them, they just want what is best for us. We've nothing to fear.
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  13. as pointed out in the article it will be anonymised, just the same way as the UK Biobank was. The idea is to gain dat on disorders and diseases, not spankl the individual. Not a personal comment to you, more of a general point, but please don't let paranoid fantasies get in the way of really genuine research. We really are leading the way in this sort of long term health research project.
  14. It won't be with the government, it will be with a relatively small company dedicated to this particular project, which makes them a tad more objective.