Govt appoints Dance Champion: WTF?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Deadreckon, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. I had to check it wasn't April fools when I heard this on the PM show on Radio 4 but having done a search - apparently its true!

    "Strictly Come Dancing, Arlene Philips has got herself a new job as a dance champion.

    It doesn't mean she'll be strutting herself in competitions though, instead she's been asked by the government to encourage more of you to start dancing."

    Jesus Wept! Is this seriously a priority with our tax money?!?

    Rather appropriatly given how childish this decision is the only link at this point is on CBBC link

    Has anyone seen the keys to the Ragebus?
  2. It's lucky that the Dear Leader never previously stated that Britain had fallen out of love with celebrity...and.. 'there is a new thirst for serious discussion exemplified by the flourishing of literary festivals in Britain, the growth of book clubs and the seriousness of the debate about the presidency in America.'

    Oh wait, he did:

    Great news though - I'm all there for that. Feet, don't fail me now......
  3. There'll be a lot more of this sort of nonsense in the months leading up to the next general election. The currently governing party has nothing else but populism and spin on which to base their platform, so look out for much in the way of honours for Eastenders and Coronation Street actors, 'reality tv personalities', singers of popular songs and many other wankers with large but very stupid followings in the cheap seats.
  4. Maybe they are going to make the 2.3m out of work attend compulsory dance classes, would look good on their CV.

    I think I will apply for the post of minister for silly walks
  5. Since dancing is allegedly the vertical expression of horizontal desire, I prefer to cut to the chase.
  6. You have to wonder WTF this government is doing, It sounds like somthing from " Spitting Image" or the "Muppet Show" Miss piggy dancing herself thin

    Beware it will be " Kraft durch Freude" next
  7. I get the feeling that bloody Harman woman will be behind this....
  8. Absolutely spot on. This Government are so discredited that they will do anything, and I mean anything, to make any gains in the pouplarity stakes. If a 'meeja star' pronounced tomorrow that eating sh1t was the new way in organics, the PM (Mandlebum) would announce a new 'sh1t is good' initiative and appoint a sh1t czar by Monday.
  9. Err, hang on, doesn't he think that anyway?

    This appointment is an abomination when the country is in such a dire mess.
    I hear France and Germany managed growth this year, well above any expectations. I wonder why we didn't...

  10. Hang on, I thought Aintworth had that title already? :?
  11. They are (apparently) looking for a "masturbation champion" as the NHS are trying to promote "a w@nk a day keeps the doctor away" (it does if you do it in the waiting room).

    That's cheered me up.....I must be nearly immortal after all these years!

  12. That's you, me and Buck Rogers heading for the 25th century then...

    Biddy biddy biddy.

  13. Don't be so sexist!

  14. You guys should behave yourselves . It was Wayne Sleep in the movie The Virgin Soldiers that led to a generation of young men to join the army . Where would we all be without that legendary recruiting ad for the British Army ?
  15. Nope,

    It will be the Broon. After all, his family are masters of St. Vitus.