Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) have a number of vacancies live on Questonline.

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) is a dynamic and progressive company, powered by a great team of dedicated and professional people. We employ approximately 6,800 staff based at over 100 locations over the UK’s busiest rail network.

We operate trains on the Thameslink Route (which runs between Bedford, Luton, Sevenoaks, Gatwick and Brighton); Great Northern route (which connects King’s Lynn, Cambridge and Peterborough) Southern Route (which connects London, Gatwick and Brighton) and the Gatwick Express (London direct Gatwick).

We are the largest train operating company in the UK (22% of all passenger rail journeys in the UK); managing 239 stations and delivering 273 million passenger journeys per year, with more passengers, more people and more trains than anyone else in the country.

To find out more about these roles or to apply, please click the link below:


Also heavily punted on Railway people .com, other websites are available
They are not doing particularly well today after parking one of their trains in the Buffers at Kings Cross
GTR's trains only arrive on time approximately 87% of the time. So presumably that means that you can stumble to work late three days a month and they won't be able to complain
they are a good company to work for and look after their lads and lasses. I'm a trainee with them. pay and hours are good to

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