Governor Bans Warders from saying prisoner

Did you see in todays Mail that they now have to be called Mr., and that they cannot refer to 'feeding' prisoners but giving them meals.

Why bother locking them up. !!!
The punishment is the deprivation of their liberty. If you treat them like scum they will act like scum. If you show them some dignity they may well learn to do the same. It is a sad fact that most people serving sentences in British jails need help in learning how to behave. This is due to poor (or no) parenting.


Sheer bloody PC madness. The f*ckers will think that they've gained some respect. I can hear what you are saying Andyroo, but I'm not sure that I would agree. Perhaps another social experiment waiting to backfire?
Just call them "stills", still fecking prisoners! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bloody liberals! :twisted: :twisted:

Mind you, it did come from the Daily Hate so it's probably not true! :eek:
Tilly said:
Unlike those in Irish jails, who are all saints and behave impeccably (don't blow kids up or nothing).
And you base your pathetic statement on what evidence exactly? :x
I reckon that all 'prisoners' should be moved into cells covered in extretia (H block scenario), they should be slung bread and water (spat in obviously) through a hole in the door, they should be made to sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter and they should be made to feel like prisoners..............because, hey, call me old fashioned, thats what they are !!!. Obviously all these rules would have to change if I personally ended up in jail and I would want hotel type en-suite facilities, mini-bar, room service and laundry provisions. And, they could call me 'sir', 'mr' or refer to me as the ever-so-nice guest in 'room' 101.
Erm, evidence, numerous bombings perhaps? Of course, it's not their fault, they were forced to do it. Not bad behaviour at all. Saintly, I say say.

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