Government Wasting UK Taxpayers Money

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Big Kahoona, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Interesting article in the Times................. disgarceful when you think about the things that all that money could be used for....

    investing in our roads..

    ensuring old ex Far East POWs get a fair deal

    providing for our oldies

    financing the Armed Service properly...

    anyway, here's the link,,2-2030087,00.html
  2. I like the last words, sack the politicians, stuff the EU and give the Queen back her powers, save the country £1,800 Mil a year nice.
  3. so, if we keep the queen, get rid of bliar and his mates and tell france and it friends to go shove the EU goverment up it's arrse, then we can not only save, but all feel much better about being british as well?

    imagine a country where petrol and beer is cheap, theres no asylum seekers taking hard earnt tax money and no 'directives' coming from brussels. just 50 million brits and the queen. we could rebuild the empire :D

    Civil war, pl0z?
  4. Ahh yes, the Empire..well why not it did work after all. Unlike the lot in power now.
  5. Why don't they mention all the different courses paid for under the resettlement scheme? Nothing like selective reporting.

    The lass in question was entitled to resettlement the same as anyone else who has done enough time in the mob and the course she took was an approved, industry accepted course. So what is was for 'lap dancing', its a legal profession just the same as plumbing or stacking shelves at Sainsbury's.

    Fecking 'The Times', a posh version of 'The Scum'.
  6. i have no problem with that dear girls chosen career. resttlement training is a good idea and a reasonable way of spending money.
  7. Consultants are the things that bug me. When I started as a graduate trainee in Industry I asked my boss why we didn't employ consultants? The answer was simply that we employed managers to manage and if they couldn't we got rid of them and employed someone who could.
  8. £2500 is nothing compared to the millions the Govt pays out to "consultants" who probably charge that per day. Girlie has as much right to resettlment as the rest, whatever the (legitimate in this case) subject. She'll make money, entertain a lot of road builders and RBL folks and decrease the benefit and pensions burden on the State (ie, us).
    As a comparison, I spent 4 weeks on a mind numbing "respectable" Engineering Management Diploma course at Greenwich University as my resettlement. What a chump. Since then, I never used anything learnt on that course. Now THAT is a waste!
    Where's this hotel the girlie trained at?
  9. What do they mean waste of money?

    If the dear girl in question raises one smile on one face (preferably mine!) then its £2500 well spent........

    Better than spending it on something dull like a carpentry or landscape gardeners course (Unless you could do them naked)

    Are there any pics?
  10. Reminds me of a story about Lord Weinstock, who successfully ran GEC until some useless to$$ers ran it into the ground as Marconi. Anyway, Lord Weinstock had a rule that no consultants of any sort were to be engaged unless personally authorised by him. That's the way to run an organisation!
  11. 'Consultants' often aren't that; it's actually out-sourcing. At election time every party is out to prove its macho credentials by promising to sack 'x' amount of civil servants; when this happens the work is usually left behind and the public service commitments are undeliverable; so they're farmed out. Although this often costs more, the size of government (although not the cost) is more politically acceptable. Imagine working in an organisation where the company can have a ten year plan, and then imagine working for a massive organisation that's meant to administering the country but actually spends as much time having to reorganise itself constantly depending on ministerial whim..
  12. Also had standard response to any manager who wanted pay rise for any one of his staff. Yes, they could have the money so long as there was no overall increase in the payroll costs.
  13. The government wasting money they'll be writing about the pope being catholic next

    I think getting rid of all the £50000 a year none jobs in the civil service and possibly taking some of the more elderly senior officers off the reserve list would save a tidy sum.

    As for the girls resettlement, there's 2 arguements. The one that says she's served the time to earn resettlement so she can spend on what course she likes. The other is, the money is to prepare her for a new long term career outside the forces and although lapdancing money can be very good it will only last as long as her looks.
  14. £82bn on strippers? Sounds like money well spent IMHO.

    "Government Wasting UK Taxpayers Money"- how is that news exactly?
  15. Consultancy- If you're not part of the solution, there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem.