Government U-Turn: 24 Commando Regiment Royal Engineers will not disband



At the time of the Army 2020 announcement, the Army acknowledged that engagement with theRoyal Navywas still ongoing, and this would refine the allocation of Army manpower available to support Royal Navy tasks. This process is now complete and it has been decided that 24 Commando Engineer Regiment will be retained although the regiment will be reduced in size. This change will be achieved by rebalancing Army manpower within 3 Commando Brigade and allows for the best use of available resources to deliver the strategic defence and security review and Army 2020 capability.

We envisage that these structural changes will be implemented by no later than July 2015. 24 Commando Engineer Regiment will remain in Royal Marines Barracks, Chivenor (Barnstaple).
So it survives but will be reduced in size.


Not really a Government U turn. Just a liability re-shuffle. The A2020 hit on Army manpower in 3 Cdo Bde was just post SDSR inter-Service brinkmanship that was always going to be discreetly repackaged after the event.


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Just as well then that we have you to point this out EB.
Someone has to do this very hard task!

Perhaps the search function is out of order, again?

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