Government turns around on allowances

#1 no no not for us, for for them, seem the current ones are unfair on their families

MPs' Expenses: Rules Changed By Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority After Cameron Pressure | Politics | Sky News

A huge climbdown on rules governing MPs' expenses has been announced following pressure from David Cameron and Conservative MPs.

"IPSA is anti-family and it is not acceptable," the PM told his MPs.

"There needs to be a better system in place by April or there will be change. That is, IPSA changes, or it will change."
These self-serving twerps simply have no concept of honour, fail to comprehend integrity and whinge because they are held in such low esteem.

Cuts all round; enhanced allowances for MPs though!
In the words of George Orwell (well similar)

'We are all in this together, it's just that some of us are in it more than others!'

Napolean Cameron, who'd have thunk it.....................

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