Government turning a blind eye to torture?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CrapSpy, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. There has been some discussion on here previously about the CIA's secret planes and how they are used to transport AQ suspects to 3rd party countries where they are held in secret.

    There was also speculation that the people held at guantanamo bay are the small fish and that the real important AQ prisoners are kept well below the radar (officially deniable couter-terrorist operations)

    Did you see the programme about torture that was on BBC2 last night. It was quite horrific in its discription and simulated torture scenes.

    It concenrated on Argentina, Isreal and South Africa, and the sad thing is that some of the people who dished out the torture seem to be quite normal people, whereas one or two in particular did seem like criminally insane sado-masochists! 8O

    The overall theme of the programme was that despite the short-term results that torture may produce, the act of condoning state sponsored torture actually (in the long run) damages the democratic values of the society it was hoped to protect.

  2. Aah, all "right-wing nasty countries". It's nice to see that the Beeb balanced this with some torture from the USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia etc etc etc...

    Oh, and did anybody see the video of the public trial and execution of people who were caught crossing the border in North Korea that was released recently? I found a link to it, but it was broken. NK previously denied executing people in public... I'm not sure whether that's worthy of a whole thread or not...
  3. I must admit, i did only see the last 1/2hr of it so it may well have dealt with the lefties early on. :?

    Edited to add a link to the BBC site for the programme.

    We have ways of making you talk!
  4. That can be found on
    I got sent the link by an anti DP site last week.
  5. I used to work with a chap who had been SO3 Torture, or whatever title they dressed it up with, in Borneo. Handy chap on a cold morning, what he didn't know about car batteries wasn't worth knowing. He could also tell you the take-off weight of a fully laden Scout and the landing weight having dropped off, so to speak, one passenger...however he didn't look like a torturer (as if they look any different from you!) either.
  6. Ref the guys who had special treatment in NI during Internment op. I saw four of them immediately they came into normal custody and they were most certainly very disoriented. One was convinced that whilst leaning on the wall, he had seen an army of little men come out of the wall, march up his arm, across his shoulders and back down other arm. He could not identify the regiment or army of little blokes so I told him I could not record his complaint.
  7. Queen's Own Very Hard Infantry??