Government to stop BFPO rights of all UK mil personel

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Synergy, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Linky

    edited due to mong computer
  2. Yet another good reason for not having to pay UK taxes whilst serving overseas.
  3. erm...i doubt this very much.

    why would i need to pay tax on a parcel sent from one eu country to another?
  4. Its only for NATO postings, SHAPE, Latina etc.

    Not for BFG, BFC or the Falklands.

    They reckon it will save £1.7 Million per annum.
  5. easy peasy - each theatre requests a review of LOA based on the changed criteria and your allowances will be adjusted accordingly.

    Not a major drama so get real and enjoy your time in these units - increased postal charges for NATO staff are not a priority when we have a war (or 2) to fight & fund !
  6. Put these four words in their correct order ..... Wedge, Of, Thin, End.
  7. or these two

    cushy posting
  8. agoodgrouping. :evil:

    Don't know where you worked but am at a NATO job, just finished Op tour will deploy as will most the UK and US elements in the HQ during the post followed by rtn to field army and another tour.

    So don't know what cushy number you are at as a work shy cock, but get your facts straight before you slag us off.
  9. This has been out for ages.

    The MoD reckon it will save money..... more than likely in such a small "Short Term" you can see through it.

    In the long term, blokes will not want to go to NATO jobs because of the added ball ache and expense of (heaven forbid) maintaining links to your family at home and purchasing British Goods. Which may well mean an increase in LOA to cover such expenses.

    Straight off as an example... the cost of my next OU course will RISE by a cheeky £550 just by removing my BFPO status in Europe. Hmmm, think I'll just ask to go to UK.

    This increase in LOA is likely to be more expensive than just putting in a fcuking BFPO service in the first place :roll:

    One thing I would like to know. Say I am in a NATO slot, and deploy. How does my wife send blueys or parcels? I rather doubt the local post system will send either for free or any other than international rates.

    Then of corse will we be sending official correspondence through chogie post?
  10. SHAPE - Super Holidays At Public Expense?
  11. So you've been on a couple of tours? Good for you, three cheers for this man over here. Come look everone, it's a soldier that's been on tour while the rest of us have been sunbathing in UK! :roll:

    It's a cushty posting whether you admit to it or not. No doubt you'd rather have Tidworth or Catterick and deploy every year from there instead. There's no pleasing some folks.
  12. I know many people in NATO HQs and I have NEVER seen a busy one, most of my mates love it & don't want to leave.

    You name me ONE where they work as hard as any UK field force unit (either on ops or at home) - come on - just one ? Naples, Brunssum, SHAPE, Munster - they are all the same, cushy.

    If you think the work is too hard in your airconditioned offices on NATO Ops then get back to Regimental life and rediscover that life doesn't finish at 1630 each day. Go and buy some stamps, you get enough LOA to afford it.