Government to Sell Off Post Office

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, May 20, 2010.

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  1. According to The Guardian Vince Cable is organising the sell off of the Post Office - Ed Davey is drawing up plans apparently.

    Now, as anyone living in a smallish community knows, the Post Office is at the heart of village life, and often keeps what would otherwise be an unviable village shop open. Privatising the Post Office would put small businesses up and down the country in danger.
  2. AHhaa here we go !!!!!!
  3. The Post Office was sold off here in the Netherlands years ago -- and it works great. TNT run it, by the way...

    you can be guaranteed that any sell-off in the UK will be mandated up to the gunwales, so you shouldn't worry about your local post office closing any more under privatisation than you worry about it now. So you can stop the propaganda, Swet...
  4. Or alternatively, from the BBC,
    The Coalition -Policy by policy
  5. This has been on the cards for a long time, but it does not feel right. What happens if the privatised company goes bankrupt? Can the government take the service over again?
  6. About bloody time, it's shite service, overpriced, and long overdue being brought into the 21st century.

  7. Bollox!

    Most small business's gave up on Parcel Farce and Royal Snail years ago
  8. Post Office Counters not part of the Post Office then? Where do you think old people in villages go for their pensions?
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    They may well have done, but if a company doesn't give me an option of using parcel force or royal mail to deliver my goods then i have to think very hard about ordering from them.

    The big delivery firms who insist on delivering between 09:00 and 17:00 Mon-Fri and refuse to leave in a secure location and who have collection points an hours drive away are no good to me.

    Parcel Force/Royal Mail will leave in a secure location if it is too big to push through the letter box and the collection location is 10 minutes drive in the local town, for an extra 50p I can have it left at the local office which is 2 minutes walk.

    I'm not a huge fan of Royal mail as they do seem to be very clunky and badly run, but a lot of that is historical, it needs a good kick in the arrse but fundamentally they have the best delivery network for non-business mail I can think of.

  10. Special move number 763: move the goalposts.

    What has small business to do with where old people in villages go to get their pensions? Nothing.

  11. They get them paid into their bank accounts Thory Whet
  12. Because, oh simple one, the PO part of the business props up the village shop side.
  13. Well my old man gets his paid directly into his bank account, which he can view online or go down the cashpoint/bank for a statement. I don't know many old dinks who can't operate a cashpoint or debit card.
  14. I know a lot of OAPs get there money from their Post Office account by going into the Post Office. Lots and lots and lots of them.