Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AT55, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. According to Newsnight on BBC2 a couple of minutes ago, the Government will announce a comprehensive spending review of defence spending as a consequence of having to guarantee the bouses of city spivs and Icelandic tax-payers. Everything is up for review and the Navy's two carriers are looking a bit iffy. I wonder if the Icelanders want to buy a hundred thousand tonnes of warship-grade steel?
  2. No more bullets for poor old tom,the banker's pissed it all away on champagne and ferrari's.

    I know this is not the NAAFI but what a bunch of utter,utter,utter cunts.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    As Gordon and Alistair throw Billions at the banks sooner or later someones going to figure out we haven't got £500 Billion
    It's ok saying its costing every houshold in the UK £20,000 for these bailouts but every house hold in the UK isin't paying tax
    It's good to know that he will have shares in the bank for all of us but the shares have to rocket upwards for him to get the cash back
    Sooner or later he is going to start canablising somewhere else to find the money
    The Forces,NHS and anything else he can skim cash from will be hit and hit hard
    Some one described this as the best thing that could happen to Brown it's his "Falklands Moment" his handling of this will win the next election for him
    This is where he thinks he can shine and that he is a world leader he will throw money at it like nobody's bussiness but someone somewhere will have to pay for it
    In one swoop by taking the carriers,helicopters,jets etc from the forces and selling land off etc he will recupriate his money
    You don't just find £500 Billion lying around if he had it he would have used it by now

    Could the reccession ultimately bring about the end of Iraq and Afghanistan as funds dry up?
  4. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Cutting anything from the Air Force or Navy would leave..... No Air Force or Navy... I don't see how they can cut anything from the Army, not unless they want to use harsh language in the sandy places....
  5. Just when our kit started to get dragged into the 21st Century it's all going to be flogged on E-bay :roll:

  6. I wonder who will buy this land maybe a merchant bank or maybe an overseas investment fund? You can guess where this money came from in the first place
  7. How much has the price of steel went up lately or has it dived like oil and copper? Trust Gordo to sell off assets when they arn't worth as much as when we bought them.
  8. Oh well. I guess we could always sell the land from underneath Main Building, Northwood, Woolwich. That should rake in a few pennies.
  9. Falklands campaign II anyone?

    Maybe we could send some bankers and city types to help defend them.

    STUFT - Slickers Taken Up From Trade.
  10. Words fail me.
    Will no one rid us of this man whiel we stillhave a country left?
  11. Yes Jagman
    time this bunch of Mentally Disturbed Bandits where given their Marching Orders.
    Falklands Moment, starring El Gordo as Gen Galtieri.
  12. That's the end of the UK armed forces then.

    Shame really. I think that they were rather good.
  13. I think the Snotgobbler has just been told that the entire defence budget was on deposit at an Icelandic bank.
  14. Weltmacht oder niedergang?

    It seems that being a world power is too expensive, so we'll just have the downfall, thanks.

    It's probably time to hand over that seat on the UN Secutiry Council, because we won't be able to justify it any more. God how I hate Labour. How can they look at what they've done to this country and feel satisified?