Government to crack down on 'Special Needs' industry.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunoficarus, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. I did spend a bit of time teaching in a secondary school, before deciding it wasn't for me. Both teachers and parents were quite keen to class badly-performing children as 'special needs', for three reasons as far as I could see. Firstly, it provided an 'excuse' for both the school and the parents: it wasn't because they were not doing enough to teach, interest and discipline the children, it was because they had some defect (though it was never spoken of as such) that prevented them learning, despite the best efforts of the teachers/parents.

    Secondly, the parents were embarrassed if their children did badly and wanted to be able to elicit the sympathy of their peers rather than disdain for having a 'thick' child. Thirdly, the teachers especially were very keen on this, because children with 'SEN' attracted more funding, and teachers heavily involved in dealing with them earned extra salary points as specialists.
  2. I distrust any newspaper. However if we really do have more special needs kids (ie more getting help than elsewhere) then it would need to be looked at.

    You could argue by spending a few quid on the spakkers at an early stage might help to allow them to live a independant later life and therefore earn their own keep and would be a sound investment. Or it could just be typical Daily Wail fodder setting people up for DLA and a latter life of sponging off the state. Or it could actualy be just a good excuse for a tacher as to why they didnt meet their targets and by shunting little Johnny off to Spakkle Needs class they can raise their apprant pass rate. As ever we dont have enough data from a somewhat political newspaper article. I dont doubt that the current education system needs a good shake up. It's been something of a joke for 20+ years.
  3. Just round all the little retards up with the use of an ice-cream van, a bit like the Pied Piper of Hameln if you will, then napalm the lot of them.

  4. BBC link so we can keep the wail et al out of things.;-P

    BBC News - Pupil special needs statements to be scrapped
  5. The system has always been to class children who are performing badly with just about anything , to avoid embarresment to parents and teachers, The most common one Ive seen/hear about was always ADHD that was thrown about and at virtually every misbehaving kid in proximity. you can add various others on top of this . All the time they were neglecting the fact that the school system was structured so that if i pupil fell behind for any reason they were left behind, at least as long as private tutition and extra study wasn't applied
    (schools won't provided for it and the number of parents that would must be a rarity). Fact is its alot more easy to brand a child with a special need then to actually go through the hassle of giving said child a relevant school education .
  6. When I was at xxxxxx School in Plymouth, it was either ADHD or Asperger's: there was one teacher who was a 'specialist' in each, and at 'case meetings' they would bicker over each new candidate for their attentions like Death and Death-In-Life dicing for the Ancient Mariner and his shipmates. The symptoms, such as they were, were sufficiently vague for either or both to have a claim to pretty much any child other than a determined swot, head prefect type. At one meeting the Asperger's chap actually said - out loud - to the other one, "Look, come on, you had the last two."
  7. Dyslexia was another one I have seen paddled about even up towards university , there were the few that could well have genuinley been dyslexic. But the second people found out that people with Dyslexia got a free laptop everyone seemed to be on the case . Again could be a misconception but that incentive defiantly encouraged people to have the tests done and it wouldn't suprise me if some winged it for the chance of having a free lappy
  8. But what happens in 2020 when the Regular Army needs some Pioneers?
    I suppose you will be looking to the TA again...
  9. I know the US doesn't really count as part of the developed world but I thought they were doping some extravagent percentage of their children with Ritalin and such like "chemical cosh" substances.

    At least the UK just labels them "special" instead of stuffing them full of soma everyday (or at least not on the same scale).
  10. I witnessed the cure for ADHD when I was at school in the sixties - a slap upside the head was an instant remedy.

    But seriously - As for dsylexia, my son was diagnosed as dyslexic in Wiltshire while I was posted there.At the time Wiltshire Education Authority didn't recognised dyslexia as a special need, so we sent him to Boarding School and claimed BSA including the SENA element; I would just like to thank all taxpayers for paying towards him becoming a very well behaved and courteous young man, who works hard but would rather watch DVDs than read books.
  11. To be fair its one of two things we either need to take a serious look at misdiagnosis of special needs in UK schools or...

    We need to enforce birth prevention methods on the citizens of Norfolk.
  12. No 'speshul knees' when I were a kid.

    I was particularly bad at maths all the way through my school days,no pocky calcs back then.
    It wasn't until I was taking what was then EPC'A' calculations and accounting,that a switched on schooly in N.I. noticed I was a mong and sent me to a specialist at the BCH,who after a days worth of tests,diagnosed me as suffering from 'number blindness' (Dyscalculia).

    I'd never heard of it,so I thought he was taking the piss,but he showed me that I had problems with writing down calculations involving multiples of more than 3 numbers,and especially relating to long division,so now as long as I use pocket calculator and take things slowly,I don't have problems.

    The joke is my missus still asks me to work out the multi buy bargains when we go shopping? :)
  13. Porton Down will have genetically manufactured their own Super Mong by then.....they will fulfill this role.

    The TA can get back to their "enabling" and "bounty hunting"
  14. Why 'manufacture' what can be more cheaply battery farmed and bred in Colchester (Sorry, I meant 'captivity')
    I dunno. Regulars. Always looking to draw new from stores.
    Good job you keep some Reserves around to keep you in touch with the real world.