Government To Compensate Jailed Addicts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Nov 13, 2006.

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    You couldn't make it up. Jailed junkies are set for a compensation payout from the government, due to the fact that they suffered "torture" when they were denied drugs after being incarcerated.

    This fcuking country has finally gone down the sh1t chute...
  2. If this goes through, then it's the final straw.

    Something has to give in this ever increasingly compensation driven country!!!
  3. Poor little duckies. x
  4. Their argument is that they were forced to undergo cold turkey instead of being given methadone!

    My argument is "tough". They shouldn't have committed a crime, then they wouldn't have been in prison. They shouldn't have been taking illegal drugs, then they wouldn't have been addicts.

    The buck stops with them, they are responsible for their own pathetic actions. If they receive one penny in compensation then it is another sign that this country is going to the dogs.

    These leaches are lucky that they're not in china as they'd have been given some 9mm rehabilitation and then had their organs sold on!

    To use the Human Rights Act is just another demonstration of how the act is being abused. Its all well and good these criminals using that now but how much did they consider anyone elses human rights when they were committing whatever crimes they were jailed for!

    Rant over!
  5. It's not as if they can't get drugs in prison, what they actually want is free drugs.
  6. From that argument, you could make the case that the prison system has not actively tortured them. They didn't inflict any physical or mental duress on the inmate, instead all they did was prevent him from taking any form of drug, so it could (and should) be argued that the prison was only acting in his best interest (by not allowing him to continue his drug habit)

    scum :evil: :evil: :evil:
  7. What exactly is wrong with locking them in a cell and refusing them access to drugs? They are criminals FFS. Heaven forbid they should be happy that a spell in prison has cured them of a harmful addiction and left them more capable of leading a normal life on release :roll:
  8. Give them free drugs then, by the bucket load most of the low life scum will off themselves in the short term.

    Think of all that money we'll save by giving them unrestricted access, and then watching the prison population drop as the poor little loves curl their toes up.
  9. Why not just legalise all drugs? Then most of the problems would go away.

    Don't forget; illegal drugs kill something like 450 people a year; alcohol kills something like 600 people a week!

  10. Wrong. What they don't want to do is blow 'Razors' and 'Big Ronnie the Blagger' for them.

    I'm all for it though. Sue. There's no point in whinging about it as nobody cares. Get with the programme. Where there's blame, there's a claim!

    I'm off down to Tesco's this avvy to see if they've left any wet bits on the floor.
  11. When I read about it this morning I spewed out every obscenity I know, then I repeated the process 3 times before pausing for breath... No you couldn't make it up and yes I do want to do something quite evil to anyone and everyone involved in facilitating this...this...this THING. As for any scrote who claims compensation, I'd like to hook them all up to IVs and give them an extra-large helping of heroin.
  12. Trouble is that it appears the Prison Service screwed up.

    Some of these people were addicts but on approved treatment programs. (that is supposed to be A Good Thing, remember) and addicts going cold turkey is never supposed to happen. The Prison Service failed to follow an approved treatment through in accordance with clear Government guidelines.

    Therefore, selfish scum who deserve a miserable end or sad victims of an uncaring society who need to be coddled, they have a cause of action and a remedy in law. Most likely the Home Office has caved in simply because their lawyers have told them they have very little hope of winning.

    Never confuse a Legally Correct outcome with Justice.
  13. Justice would be a Prison Medical Officer injecting the drugs that these smackhead lowlife scum desire.

    What a pity Dr Harold Shipman offed himself, he would have been an ideal candidate for the job.

    All criminals should have unlimited damages imposed againsts them as a matter of course (Call it crime reparations), then when they get any compensation thanks to your equally lowlife "Human Rights" Lawyer, it is automatically paid to the victims of their respective crimes. This would also prevent them cashing in on book deals etc.

    Drug addicted criminals are not victims. They are selfich scum who deserve whatever drug addles death awaits them.
  14. The Prison Reform Trust said: "Addicts are ill and we should ensure the requirements of prison do not cut across need for treatment.";jsessionid=GC25OW3MNCWNTQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2006/11/13/ndrug13.xml

    Don’t you feel sorry for them they need all the tender loving care because they are ill and it’s against there human rights.

    What about our soldiers human rights when they have p.t.s.d. they have to wait months even years for treatment if they even get any .
    they are ill to and no one hardly cares about them
  15. Not quite, first they have to go cold turkey and are forced to get well and fit (damaged organs are no good you know!), then their best bits are logged - eyes, lungs, liver etc. when a match comes up then they are clipped to order. While the match is being made, it can take months, they are kept chained up in clean conditions, no doubt comforting themselves that at last they will be putting something back into society.

    White collar crimes are also included - corporate manslaughter & serious corruption (over $500 000).