Government to be sued by Muslims?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as the Islamic Human Rights Commission ! They are seeking a judicial review to sue the Government over resup flights to Israel by the Great Satan.

    They might want to consider getting their own house in order before taking on other tasks. Like the subjugation of women, the obvious inconsistancies in Sharia Law etc etc.
  2. I notoce on the beeb that they comment that they were being sued by muslims whos families live in Lebanon. If they are not UK citizens then 'tough'. Besides, if they were the taxpayer footed a free evac for them anyway.
  3. Sorry, did you say an Islamic Human Rights Commission ?

    Do they know what the meaning of Human Rights is in Islamic countries that hang and stone people for petty offences!
  4. So what will be the punishment for the infidels?
  5. ... and for being blameless victims ...
  6. Well, let's hope that they get the f*ck off tablet then eh? If they don't though, I wouldn't be surprised.

    I wonder if they've applied for a Lottery Grant as well?
  7. It is strange that they want to stop resupply flights to Israel, but I don't here them complaining over the fact that British NVGs and kit was found to be in posession of Hizbollah, (passed to them by Iran) or the fact that we will be supplying the Eurofighter to Saudi Arabia. One rule for the Islamic world and another for the rest?
  8. I wonder of we can sue them for all the sh*t some of thier 'brothers' have been up to.

    All seems a bit one sided this Muslim malarky.
  9. I think we should sue the arrse of them, for all their antics.

    I sh1t myself thinking about taking a flight now adays. The Muslims should be held responsible for the few in their number that are nuts.
  10. I was thinking of sueing one of the UK muslim councils for the night i got stuck in Dussledorf and the added cost of my train fare as my connecting flight when i got to UK was cancelled.

    wonder how far that will get
  11. Why don't we all sue the Fundamentalist Islamic world for putting the world in fear of their lives.Maybe it will just bankrupt them totally, but again, they will plead that we were being racist to the Muslim world!
  12. Good luck trying to bankrupt the barstewards as they are bankrolled by Saudi's and Iranians who are bankrolled by us buying their bloody oil, Sod them all and buy a bike