Government to ban violent p orn

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Synergy, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. [removed due to upsetting fragile members]

    violent sex has been around since adam was a lad, the fact that it was on the net dosen't make it anymore dangerous IMHO
  2. Without wissing to send this to the Naafi, what counts as violent porn?

    the odd bitchslap? squeling girl from a backdoor entry?

    How the hell do you send someone down for possesing violent porn when it's freely available all over the internet and people won't know what exactly counts as violent porn? :lol:

    Are people caught going to be classed as sex offenders along with nonces and rapists?

    I'm not sure if i've seen violent porn or not, I've never wanted to watch a simulated rape or S&M for example and I'm not into seing rough sex or rough stuff, but I've certainly seen it :lol:

    What about that funny clip that everyone has on their mobile phones where the guys chained to the ceiling and a woman comes along and boots him really hard in the balls, are these people now sex offenders? :lol:
  3. The government cannot use a term like 'violent' and expect it to be understood and respected. As has been mentionned here, what exactly consititues 'violent' to one person is mild sex-play to another.

    As long as they don't rule out "prison style" (going in dry), I'll carry on with my one handed downloading thank you very much.
  4. Why is it that when criminal activities are committed, instead of effectively punishing the offender we continue to try to find cause and blame in the media, video games, internet, social upbringing, etc. This low life scum is going to be re-tried with manslaughter, to which he'll confess. He'll be out of prison within three years, free once again to treat the world as a consequence-free playground. The sooner we start building more prisons, properly punishing criminals and making sure sentences are upheld, the more likely it will be that scum like Graham Coutts will think twice before acting. I accept that some people are beyond help, and will commit obscene crimes with little or no other influences, but people like that would become the minority with more enforced sentencing in place

    And the main reason for this rant is that these c*nts want to take away my porn, which is just not on.
  5. Admag - that really is a kn0b statement!! Think you might feel differently if it was one of yours?

    Thats going to be my excuse!! All those internet favourites got there by accident :D
  6. Oh good at last the government is going to ban violent pR0n. Now we can all sleep soundly in our beds in the confidence that this ban will be just as effective as the bans on automatic weapons and handguns :clap: - because crims obey the law don't they
  7. This is current affairs forum - if you want to make comments such as those posted will you go to the naafi bar please
  8. I thought my comments although tongue in cheek were very valid, how do you have a discusion on violent pron without dabating what constitutes violent pron?

    Its the law itself which is ridiculous.
  9. I didn't mean your comments - sorry but would have hoped it was fairly obvious what comments I meant. I avoid the naafi generally because it does appear to bring out some overt misogyny in many posters but I enjoy reading and contributing to current affairs however I wil not indulge in debate with the sort of people who write the nasty comments such as SOME of those in this thread so far
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Three questions.

    A) How will proposed UK legislation apply to a website hosted in, for example, The Russian Federation?

    B) What will be the standard of proof required? The current legal standard is "beyond all resonable doubt". If accidental access is a valid defence then, unless there is an audit trail showing money changing hands, it's going to be a nonsense to enforce. SOCA, the Police and others have their hands full (so to speak) with Operation Ore and the investigations into paedophilia that it spawned.

    C) The government has said that it will legislate as soon as Parliamentary time allows. When will that be? The government has a fairly full agenda trying to assure TCB's "legacy" before the handover to Prudence. One assumes that Parliamentary time is somewhat limited.
  11. oh i see what you mean now, sorry
  12. Welcome to a British Army forum... :roll:
  13. This is going to be a difficult one to police - there is still no hard and fast definition of obscenity..........
  14. well duh! my point obviously went straight over your head didn't it