Government tells the Army to recruit more mercenaries

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mazoldboy, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Is there a page on the MOD website that lists shortages of manpower by unit? I have tried to navigate the bloody thing and find it beyond my obviously limited capability
  2. You can't blame young men not wanting to join the army when they can live quite happily not working at all.
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    msr LE

  4. Most of the commonwealth soldiers ive worked with have been fine. If we cant get the numbers from our own society and we have willing and able volunteers who want to come and fight and defend our country, I personally dont have a problem with that. Got to get the numbers from somewhere.
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    Polish Free Forces: Thousands of Poles fled to Britain after Germany's invasion of Poland. Among them were 160,000 men of the Polish Army, who were attached to the British army, alongside British forces.
  6. Which in parlimentary language translates as: we'd rather not tell you the truth on that one...

    However, last year, they suddenly reverted to old practices and were more forthcoming - proving the lie about the cost involved!

    So, just for Sven as he has difficulty with using Google himself,
  7. they should introduce the 10% of foreign players rule into the premiership then arsenal an chelsea an most other teams would be f******!!!!! hahaha
  8. As long as selection criteria remains the same then there should be no problem,as previous generations of commonwealth troops have demonstrated.
  9. The problem today is we don't seem to be fighting for our country anymore but to keep Bush and his cronies in control of oil. :(

  10. You can't class the Polish Free forces as mercenaries any more than you could class the Free French as mercenaries. These forces were fighting in their own right while being equipped by us and the USA. They may have been under the command of British formations but several British formations fought under American Command in Italy, were they mecenaries?
    The quick answer to the shortage of mi9litary personnell is for the government to stop taking on more than the forces can handle. They manage defence like they manage the economy, .Decide how mucthey are going to spend then think about what to tax to pay for it, similarly they commit forces then try to find the men to do it.
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    I'm not classing them as mercenaries any more than the Commonwealth soldiers are. Given that there are now 750,000+ Poles living here, we should be able to get at least a Regiment from them ;)

  12. Yea, lovely. Sorry mr argy, but would you mind NOT re-invading the falklands, we cannot afford/handle it.
  13. When I passed RCB I don't recall being told I was to be admitted to H.M. Forces as a 'mercenary'...and I doubt others from the Republic of Ireland would regard themselves as such.

    If bods are needed in H.M. Forces - which despite what H.M. Government says, they most certainly are - then they know where to find me (God knows I've been pleading to be granted an age waiver for three bloody years... :x ).

    How about a bit of consistency and kick the age limit for admission to the RMAS up to 33 years in line with the rest of the Armed Forces? I'd be across the water tomorrow if that happens...

    It's sods law, I know - if I were a pacifist, I'd have been conscripted years ago.
  14. If I remember correctly the 10 per cent ceiling on recruiting F & C citizens was quietly dropped when the recruitment of home grown it were became a problem