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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by defenceheadquarters, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Have your say on how the Government supports our Service personnel.

    Service personnel and their families are being asked their views on how the Government provides healthcare, childcare, housing and other services to the current and former Armed Forces.

    In November, the Defence Secretary announced the launch of a cross-Government Service Personnel Command Paper to review the level of support given to serving personnel, their families and Veterans and to publish a coordinated strategy to improve that support.

    This will be the first ever cross-Government strategy for supporting Service personnel, families and Veterans – covering all areas of support including accommodation, medical care, education, the transition to civilian life and veterans' welfare.

    This cross-government review is led by MOD and is consulting closely with a wide variety of other Government Departments, as well as with the Charitable Sector and Service families' federations.

    It is also consulting directly with Service personnel themselves.

    The Service Personnel Command Paper team are keen to hear about the issues that are currently affecting you as a member of the armed forces, serving, reservist or veteran, or a family member (be it, parent, partner, spouse or child). In particular the team are keen to hear of your experiences of the delivery of services such as health, housing, childcare and education.

    If you would like to make a contribution to the Command Paper consultation, please send them electronically via:

    or via post to:
    Service Personnel Command Paper
    Zone M
    7th Floor
    MOD Main Building
    SW1A 2HB

    Further information can be found here.

    This information was posted by the Ministry of Defence. You can find a copy here.
  2. I think you are a little late....the Tories seem to have beaten you on this one: edited - No Party policy plugs please....
  3. First comment is that that is a really crap interface! About as user friendly as a Dalek!
  4. As a matter of accuracy, the Government's request for views was the earlier, but it wasnt widely reported.
  5. "Jesus", I could be very cynical and say "Come into my spider said the Spider to the Fly"!

    OR have the Mod run out of ideas?

    OR, does the Mod not listen to what has been reported for the pass SO many years and proven to be right, on SO many occassions and still the Mod have turned a Blind Eye and Dear Ear to the needs of the Armed Forces!

    Is this more Civil Servant Suits in Whitehall been given yet another "Paper Exercice" to complete?

    Or could it be for real?
  6. Or is it a case that what goes on out there is often passed on by word of mouth and changed or altered as all chinese whispers do. Better to get it from the horses mouth direct, than by randomly surfing to see whats out there.

    Bit of a no win here - MOD posts asking for comments and gets slated for doing so. Had MOD not posted, they would be slated for ignoring the service community.
  7. Bumped:

    Supporting Forces Personnel: 31 May deadline approaching

    All members of the Service community have until the end of May to contribute to the Service Personnel strategy announced by Defence Secretary Des Browne in November last year.

    It's time to make your views known. Can you provide examples of where Government support works well or can be improved? How could the Government make Service life easier at home and overseas? What is it that makes Service life unique and how can we mitigate the challenges that your civilian neighbours don't experience? How could we improve our support to the Veterans community?

    This cross-Government strategy will address the provision of support across Government for the entire Service community, including Service personnel (both regular and reserve), their families, veterans and widow(er)s.

    All aspects of Service life are being considered, including accommodation and home ownership, mobility and the disadvantages this creates in accessing state services, through medical care for the seriously injured, the transition from Service to civilian life and the care for veterans.

    The Minister for the Armed Forces, Bob Ainsworth, is leading the study:

    "Our Service personnel's dedication and bravery deserves support worthy of their commitment. I wholeheartedly encourage all members of our Service community, be they serving, family, the bereaved or veterans to make their views known about the current provision. I recognise there is still work to do and am personally committed to ensuring this strategy makes a tangible difference."

    More information about the Command Paper can be found here:

    If you would like to make a contribution to the Command Paper consultation, please send them electronically via:

    Or via post to:
    Service Personnel Command Paper
    Zone M
    7th Floor
    MOD Main Building
    SW1A 2HB

    This information was posted by the Ministry of Defence. You can find a copy at:
  8. Serving Guys and Girls,

    The MoD themselves have come directly to you asking for input here, your views in general are regarded with enough respect and gravity for them to do this.

    They are trying to get commentary from you anonymously, that you wouldn't wish to put through other channels , one of the things that Arrse was in fact set up for.

    Don't spoil it with inane comments or commentary more suited to being posted in crayon.

    Please keep this thread as serious as you can, you have a chance to highlight issues that affect you, and be heard at the highest levels.


  9. From the MOD SPCP comment page:

    Not that anonymous then?
  10. PTP - point well made but can anyone be sure that commenting via this website will not come back in a negative way from our chain of command?

    Looks legit but just don't know
  12. Oh dear, GPWM Blyth.

    DHQ, might I suggest you make it an anonymous response form? Only I can see a great many replies not being given, for the very reasons stated above, which would defeat the object of this exercise..
  13. My sixpen'orth as a veteran;

  14. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I can answer the question very easily (and as a veteran):


    No, I mean read it, not the rebuttals but the questions being asked.

    I recently re-read the 2007 report to confirm some info. The one common theme is: Stop de-nuding the MoD of funding and stop wall papering over the cracks. The building that is MoD is suffering from subsidence - spend the cash to fix it.

    But you will never get it because Broon will never give it, nor will any Government unless the military coup happens.