Government summarise Englishness in 12 objects

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 9, 2006.

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    So far the list consists of
    Ypur thoughts????
  2. My regimental Cigarello case emblazoned with the motif of 2 Crossed Dead Frenchmen on a mound of Dead Frenchmen!
  3. Stonehenge

    A broken monument that no one knows how it was built or what it was really for

    The Angel of the North

    A modern sculpture that you can only see when driving on the A1 and is rusty!

    Punch and Judy

    A puppet show that advocates intermarital violence and beating of children and endangered species!

    SS Empire Windrush

    Docked at Tilbury in Essex on June 22, 1948, bringing Caribbean men and women keen to visit England. Over the years "the Windrush generation" and their families have become integral to English society.

    Mmm, will leave it alone!

    Holbein's portait of Henry VIII

    A paintinting that probably bears no comparison to the actual life, due to threats of death isf it didn't look good!

    A cup of tea

    Will leave this alone, though its not an "english drink" as its imported!!!!

    The FA Cup

    Again will leave alone, though rugby is the game of real men (and women)

    Alice in Wonderland

    Hmmm, ok, but what about Enid Blyton!

    The Routemaster Bus

    Isn't the big red bus being decommissioned?

    The King James Bible

    Arguably the biggest work of fiction since...... (long theological dicussion about why it doesn't match up to the original versions!!)

    The Spitfire

    Hmmm, yes, great aircraft. Nuff said!


    Another song, it is great, but about another fecking country!!!!!!
  4. Oh, if you didn't realise, i think the list is a load of tosh, bar the spitfire!!!
  5. Jerusalem is meant to be an ideal, not a country although I know some people seem to building a foreign country in our Green and pleasant land..

    I'd agree with The Spitfire,

    How about the Works Of Shakespeare?

    Stuart Pearce Scoring THAT penalty.

    Gazza scoring THAT goal against Scotland.

    Fish and Chips

    A Pint and a Fight a great English night.

    The Beatles

    Corrupt Politicians
  6. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Surely the essence of Englishness is to be hated by all other nations, especially those close neighbours!
  7. Two things we English do not tolerate.... Bigotry.... and foreigners!
  8. That's been surpassed by being American :wink:
  9. Three words,.........

    Winston Spencer Churchill.
  10. Monty Python
  11. The ability to say your expensive meal is great to the waiter when in fact it is undercooked, badly presented and covered in pubic hair!!!
  12. Ive often wondered wat Lewis Carroll was under the influence of when he wrote the Alice books.
  13. The poem Jerusalem is about England. Blake being inspired by the myth that Jesus had accompanied Joseph of Arimathaea to England as a child. So the lines:
    And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England's mountains green.
    And was the holy Lamb of God On England's pleasant pastures seen?

    The poem is therefore an expression of Blake's desire that England be transformed into a steadfast 'Christian' country- i.e. a new Jersualem, he was quite unhappy with they way things were going in 18/19th century England and thought that the revolutionary atmosphere that pervaded europe was about to bring a new advent for man. . But really you would think that any self respecting English nationalist would know that!
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    whose mother was American!
  15. Ah sweet memories, singing Jerusalem at the beginning and end of term assemblies at school, wondering "WTF is this about?"

    It all makes sense now.... a rousing song, but didn't make me feel English though :lol:

    edited for spacko spelling