Government response: Commemoration of Commonwealth Victoria Cross

Ministry of Defence said:
A spokesman said:
The men who gave their lives in the Great War will remain heroes forever. The government will be setting out more of its plan to commemorate the 100th anniversary shortly. This will include the most appropriate way to commemorate Commonwealth Victoria Cross winners. No hero will be forgotten.
[h=2]Background[/h] Plans on how to commemorate recipients of the Victoria Cross from the Commonwealth are currently being worked up by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office so those who were born outside of the UK can also be suitably recognised for their bravery. This will include which country is the best place for a memorial and what that memorial should be.
The place in which an individual was born will always have a special resonance.
When there is more than 1 option communities can come together to agree where an appropriate memorial for local heroes should be located.


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