Government/Public questioning Afghanistan Aims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by im_plan_b, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. they seem to be thhinking
    "we are spending lots of money there, people getting hurt/killed...what is or aim/target!?"

    put it this way government, if we pulled out, the people already killed there fought for nothing, the money/time/effort spent training ANA/ANP was for nothing, taking ground and trying to stop the Opium trades was for nothing.
    The british army need to complete their task, stabalise the country; supporting ANA/ANP to take country and get some kind of leadership, rebuild a sense of community and keep the Taliban from their extreme views and actions.
    Not to mention the reprecussions!
    "we'l call it evens" i think not, you not think Taliban think they have won, and perhaps even increase terrorism? if anything theyd have more motive then before, which has consequences, big ones.
    I dont know about you guys but id much rather do the job over there, a job I know we can do as we trained very well and get it done then be at home in england not in control of our fate, waiting for terry Taliban to acclaim revenge or whatever it they want haha.
  2. You might want to rephrase your post. Are you making a statement? asking a question? or neither? Not clear whether you want to start a debate in support of the troops remaining or one for them coming back because the war aims are not clear.
  3. its anything you get from it, ive said what i think, you respond, say your opinions etc etc etc.
    even then you said the war aims are not clear, but my point is, maybe we havent got a schedule/day-to-day plan but its better being there, doing good helping the ANA/ANP and creating security for a country,
    its not about knowing every little detail, things never go to plan anyway, people need to adapt...
    and if we pulled out it would get so bad for Afghanistan with Taliban taking control again and also not to mention more terrorism around the world as a retaliation, so my point is to keep at it, finish the job in hand,
    as long as Taliban are suppressed we are doing good, until we figure more specifics..

    A policeman dont know where crime is going to happen, when and whos going to commit it, they are in place ready to respond, if the police said "ah theres no crime in this area, lets not police it anymore" it would create that opportunity for chaos, same for afghanistan, we need to keep control and put a situationg of safety and control in place, we are both controlling the taliban and training ANA/ANP to stand on their own feet and do the job themselves, im sure once they are correctly trained and experienced, we will leave knowing the country is in safe hands and also we dont have to fear retaliations
  4. it's like Chubb on amphetamines.
  5. I notice your in the process of joining up. Thought of looking at ISAF? :roll:
  6. I think this is William Faulkner; famous for his "stream of consciousness" style.

    Utter bilge,. IMO.
  7. sorry im not too familiar with that? im a young lad, new to this and very interested as you know I intend joining up, sorry for being dumb but what is ISAF
  8. ISAF = Immediately Suitable for Armed Forces. you bypass recruit selection and go straight to basic training, because you have exhibited qualities above and beyond those routinely expected from potential recruits. it often leads to being cherry-picked from basic training as a potential Sandhurst officer cadet.
  9. International Security Assisstance Force, dont know much about them..?
  10. If only there was some clever way of searching the internet for answers to various questions. I'm sure the idea would be used now and again.
  11. wah or plain trolling!
  12. well if someone suggested it on this forum, maybe someone on this forum can explain... if everyone knew everything and heard of everything themselves they wouldnt need this forum in order to share info would they now clever man??
  13. On no account consider "Google".
  14. i did, but as i said:

    1) I only just heard about it, so if someone suggested it i could expect more info and reasons why, expanding the conversation "yeah join ISAF, they do this, and that, "

    2)if everyone knew already and googled everything and didnt bother talking/sharing info there would be no reason at all for this forum to exist, so shut up moaning and make use of the forum, answer peoples questions, express your opinions and ask anything you may want to know....

  15. look retard, i've already bitten my tongue and fucking explained it for you once. if you want to chase down a rabbit hole about some obscure army in a foreign land, that's your lookout. you already wore down my patience last night, you trying to do it again today?

    the guy said "i notice you're in the process of joining up, have you thought about ISAF?" so i'm pretty confident he was talking about my answer, not some obscure crap you googled.

    go back and read my previous post and stop bothering people.