Government proposes abolition of Parliament

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hammockhead, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. WTF? Is this for real? Its a joke is'nt it? I sincerely hope somebody is extracting the urine
    I suppose the next logical step is to abolish Parliament altogether.
    Smacks faintly of Hitlers activities in the 1930's to me
  2. Then off with the monarchy.
  3. It's for real. I'd write to my MP about it, but he's the guy who wrote that article, so perhaps not much point...

  4. More detailed information here

    There's a link where you can write to your MP. I did, and then saw he'd written the article.
  5. Six Cambridge law professors have written to The Times about it: Letters to the Editor.

    Typically, most of the press are ignoring it.
  6. This Act would literally sound the death knell for Parliamentary Democracy in this country, I've been looking at some of the provisions in it and the implications of this Bill are truly frightening. The slide towards a Blairite Dictatorship accelarates.
  7. Saw in the Torygraph today that 44% of the population is either directly employed by the state, indirectly employed by the state,or on state benefits. Of the working population, this is 1/4 working directly for the state. Overall, the public sector payroll has increased by 784,000 since 1997. The Armed Forces, who have been noticealby busier than usual over this time, have had budget and number cuts IIRC.

    Of the 10 constituencies with the highest level of state dependency, nine wer Labour, and 1 Plaid Cymru. Of the 10 lowest, 8 are Conservative and 2 Labour.

    Is this just people voting in their own self interest (vote for high state dependence if you're dependent, low state dependence if you're not), or electoral bribery?
  8. So this is why Tall Tales is saying Brown nose can be PM........................ President Blair and his trusty PM Gordon.
    I'm starting to think emigration is not such a bad idea............. At least Zimbabwe has an upfront dictator in charge!
  9. Given serious though to doing a runner to where the grass is greener, but is this not a case of deserting your country when it faces its greatest peril? ie the current goverment hell bent on the destruction of all that was once great?
  10. Once more unto the breech dear friends once more!
  11. Think of all the burdensome regulation the bill would allow ministers to get rid of:

    Magna Carta (1297), c. 29: "No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his freehold, or liberties, or free customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed, nor will we not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land. We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either justice or right."

    Habeas Corpus Act 1679, s. 1: "Whensoever any person or persons shall bring any habeas corpus directed unto any sheriffe or sheriffes gaoler minister or other person whatsoever for any person in his or their custody and the said writt shall be served upon the said officer or left at the gaole or prison with any of the under officers underkeepers or deputy of the said officers or keepers that the said officer or officers his or their under officers under-keepers or deputyes shall within three dayes after the service thereof as aforesaid...make returne of such writt or bring or cause to be brought the body of the partie soe committed or restrained unto or before the lord chauncelior or lord keeper of the great seale of England for the time being or the judges or barons of the said court from whence the said writt shall issue or unto and before such other person and persons before whome the said writt is made returnable according to the command thereof, and shall likewise then certifie the true causes of his detainer or imprisonment ..."

    Parliament Act 1911, s. 7: "Five years shall be substituted for seven years as the time fixed for the maximum duration of Parliament under the Septennial Act 1715."

    Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, s. 58(1): "A person arrested and held in custody in a police station or other premises shall be entitled, if he so requests, to consult a solicitor privately at any time."
  12. These lefty feckin clowns are getting more & more arrogant everyday. How the feck can anybody propose such an idea ??? It seems to me they are using everything in thier arsenal to grasp power in this country indefinatly. Suppose it,ll also smooth el presidente bLIARs path to president of the EU superstate that is looming upon us alot quicker than we think. Be afraid,be very afraid !!!!!!

  13. What are the chances of a General Election in 5 years? Perhaps the ongoing "War on Terror" means that constitutional niceties will be suspended until, err... until the Dear Leader's embalmed body takes its place in the mausoleum.

    My prediction: ID cards will be required to vote in the next General Election.
  14. "Colour Sergeant, Colours to the centre if you please"

    It isn't as bad as implied , but it is looking straight down the slightly greasy slope.