Government Offering to Give Away 50% of Cyprus SBAs?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Haven't heard anything about this before. So basically they're trying to bribe the Greek Cypriots to accept the peace deal? Why exactly are we trying to bribe them to sort their own problems out, does the affair really threaten our interests that it's worth giving up a national resource? Now whilst logically I can understand why some Cypriots might be a bit annoyed about the SBAs, my gut reaction is 'Feck off, we obtained them fair and square'.
  2. Won't be going for a while then
  3. msr

    msr LE

    How was that then?
  4. Yes MSR - the UK obtained the whole of Cyprus fair and square - we gave them some of it back and look what happened!!!

    Give them the SBAs back I say - a complete waste of good UK tax payers money to keep them going!!
  5. The Zurich agreement I believe it was. Basically we stole it fair and square off the Ottomans, owned it for a while, and then kept the SBAs in return for setting up a constitution and granting the place independence.
  6. I believe the SBA land offer was part of the Annan Plan, which fell through, just before the RoC joined the EU in 2004. If it helps to sort out this mess, give them the land. Most of it is agricultural land anyway and cannot be developed because much of it is privately owned and, under the Treaty of Establishment, the SBAs can only ever be developed for exclusively military purposes. The fewer potato fields we have to administer, the better.
  7. its basically cypriot land anyway. I think anyone who lives in the SBA areas would probably vote for it to be part of cyprus so getting on a high horse to defend the last dregs of empire would lose and lose badly :(
  8. Hong Kong yesterday, Cyprus today, Gibraltar tomorrow, Falkland Islands?
  9. Every day, in ways subtle and obvious, you make plain why you have the O2 tag. Congratulations.
  10. Except for the bit about Gibraltar, Blair would have given that to the Spaniards given half a chance would he not?
    I'm sure Mandelson will see that happens at some point
  11. Thanks for the reminder - Scotland a year or so back, Wales too, Northern Ireland some time in the future?

    No way would the 'Clown' give the North East away - about thirty Labour MPs would go with it!
  12. The SBAs cost us £millions a year to run/administer but only actually 'earn' about £7.50 in taxes from the odd goat herder and halloumi cheese maker. Good riddance to the racist locals living on the SBA and the useless SBA Administration who are, after all just failed UK civil servants and ex-coppers who have retired to the sun.