Government Money for Ireland - Is it Because Of British Bank Loans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. Despite not having anything to do with the Euro, the coalition government seems to be intent on lending billions of pounds to Ireland. It now transpires (source Channel 4 News) that British Banks are into Eire to the tune of over £140 billion.

    Are we threatening to help bankroll Ireland because we don't want those loans to go bad? Personally I think it looks suspiciously that way
  2. What's the alternative?
  3. Don't pay the money out, let them rely on the 80 billion euros in the EU contingency fund. The banks are not going to fall from this round of toxic debts, If Ireland fails it will just mean they won't be in profit for a couple of years.
  4. The brits are going to bail-out ireland
    who is going to bail-out the brits.
  5. How many o' you lot are going to partake of your national sport-----jumping on to boats/planes,inflicting yourselves on others,and whinging about it for the next three hundred years?
  6. Deedly dee, begorrah and tarmac yer droive sor?

    Comment constructively and argue your point. Mindless anti-Brit drivel and comedy Republicanism are starting to get a bit wearing.

    Mod edit, if not obvious.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    100,000 irish economic migrants plus their poles but all our jobs are now polish so they will have to go to poland for work like many of their contemporaries.

    rbs down for 54 billion so another 8 billion in fiscal aide isnt so much, there are however 300.000 empty houses just built so maybe we can ship out all our unwanted over there. up the protestant ratio so they come back into the union and stop being stroppy.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Thought the idea was that Britain gave the money direct to ireland about £10 Billion
    That way we are exempt when the Euro countries of which we are one demand that we hand over £40 billion to try and prop them up

    We could just pay them in Spuds they do seem to have some sort of attachment to potatoes
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    we are tied into this fiscal bailout fund 770 odd billion to the tune of 10% I think the talked about 8 billion is in addition to that and probably to help prop up the uk banks.

    8 billion though is probably the figure the banks will be dishing out in bonuses this year. go figure
  10. It might also be because, despite the total cock-up the Irish government has made of the economy, Ireland was the fifth largest destination for British exports in 2009 - to the tune of some 15 billion sterling - and now is not the best time for them to go down the tubes and not be able to buy anything anymore.
  11. We've been bailing you out for quite some time though too.

    Also remember our Post Office fininacial services are connected to Eire.

    If we are nice enough to them this time, maybe they'll stfu re potatoe famines etc.
  12. My Brain or what´s left of it is starting to bleed!How can you put 140 billion quid into a population of 4.1 million,how the hell were they or the country expected to pay it back,there´s a whole lot of Zero´s left over per head that can´t be paid back even if Ireland´s economy had an immediate Celtic Tiger part 2 kicking in,which it hasn´t!

    Has somebody been on crack cocaine or have they found diamonds and oil instead of peat?

    Do the British Banks now actually own Ireland as if they called in the debts the country would be totally bankrupt,or is Britain on the verge of bankruptcy because they´ve been mugged by Paddy bankers and developers or been criminally stupid themselves?

    I´m off to work to exorcize all those zero´s whizzing around my head...........................
  13. I'd suggest there is only one thing you need to understand about the banking situation. They have been treating the international financial system like a roulette wheel for so long that basically the whole worlds bust. They and the governments will now try and play damage limitation which will cost you and me money in taxes and higher interest rates at some point.

    What irritates me is that clearly the banker themselves will remain in denial paying themselves big salaries and bonuses and the goverment will not prosecute them for fraud. Compared with the Taliban these are the real enemy.

    Mind you we are not all innocent, anyone with a large mortgage or credit card bill is also part of the problem.
  14. Here ye go: bank exposures to "Eurozone peripherals", i.e Ireland, Portugal and Greece

    Sovereign = Irish govt or Irish Govt G'teed debt, plus same for Portugal and Greece

    Periphery loan= skint Irish property developers, airlines, Greek shipping companies, golf course a property developers in Portugal etc


    Note what those figures versus TNAV (total Net Asset Value) mean in context of, say. RBS......
  15. or more to the point we don't want an Irish refugee crisis if the emerald toilet goes down the toilet ... you think we've got an issue wat the miunute with EU accession states and economic migration ...