Government ministers take pay cut to reduce fuel prices

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by flamingo, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. No. not our lot... Ivory Coast!

  2. That such a thing is possible in a third world banana republic...

    Write your own jokes, eh?
  3. Dop you think Gordo & Co will follow their lead?

  4. Maybe if we follow the lead of the citzens first?

    How about if everyone just ran their car until it ran out of fuel and then left it where it stopped?

    Imagine the chaos of some 30million vehicles just left on the road. :)
  5. The government would love it. Think how much revenue could be raised by sending out 30mill fixed penalty fines. Your just playing into their hands
  6. And what exactly are they going to do when 30 million people say "Fcuk off" and refuse to pay?

    No room left in the prisons, no where to transport them to, no capital punishment thanks to the EU, nothing they can do.

    Shame that we Brits are too cowed to do such things.
  7. I’m all for a Taxpayers’ Strike.

    We are being stuffed by the government, utility companies, etc. Every cost is passed onto us –increased fuel prices, increased wage costs, increased foodstuff costs, increased commodity costs etc. Organisations that provide us with the materials we need to go about our lives (ie not luxuries) such as utility companies, so-called “public transport” and food superstores put profits firmly first. This is OK in a capitalist financial system but fails completely when these organisations act as cartels and monopolies. Add to that list banks and building societies, whose executives take home huge bonues for throwing dodgy loans around and then stiffing everyone when it goes wrong!

    So, let’s have a Taxpayers’ Strike. We are the wealth creators and revenue generators. Organisations are dependent upon cash flow for profitability due to the cost of debt exposure. To show our displeasure, we will pledge to default for one month on mortgage payments, council tax and utility bills (anything else come to mind?). The impact of hundreds of thousands – or even a few million – protesters withholding payment will register on the monthly cash flow figures for all these organisations, wiping millions of pounds off the figures for one month. This will also carry forward to the end of the financial year, whether in December or in March. There will be no chance of any enforcement action due to the size of the protest and the money can be banked to hand over following the protest (possibly in April to maximise impact on the balance sheet).

    Mass action – the only way to make ourselves heard! To the barriers, comrades!
  8. Our PM is making a big song and dance about not adding 2p tax onto the petrol price as was earmarked, he forgets to mention that fuel prices have gone up by 30p in recent months and 85% of that is tax!
  9. I agree entirely.

    The shops are holding sales every two or three months to try and get us to buy things - lets do the same with the rip off merchants.