Government makes another pointless apology

So, we've done just about every f ucking group our great great great grandad might of upset, and now moving closer to the present day, a completely unconnected government with f uck all to do with the original problem apologises for the Thalydomide scandal of the 1950's...... only 60 years ago then.....whe most of them were either children, or not even born yet.

I mean FFS, does it do any good dragging up the past like this, lets have a show of raised hands from all you Thalydomide victims if you feel better now the governments apologised.....See..... nothing. Waste of time.
I'm not entirely sure how's it's all the government's fault anyway, the company producing thalidomide should have predicted that it could have unwanted effects before they even tested it on animals, and should have tested it over more than a single generation of rabbits.


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I had a pint once in Britains smallest pub - The Thalidamide Arms

Anyone thought to phone Hitlers family and apologise on behalf of us for driving him to suicide?

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