Government launches review into treatment of LGBT veterans

I joined in the early 60's. Ref the bit in bold, I asked you for a link, which you couldn't provide. That may be due to the 1967 Abortion Act!! Therefore your assertion that lasses were being offered illegal terminations, far less late term ones, is rubbish. The same applies to your assertion regarding being unethical. They weren't being asked to have abortions, unless you know differently, that the Army was way ahead of its time, and breaking the law of the land to boot.

There you go again, bleating on about how unethical we were back in the day. What part of that 'unethical choice' don't you understand? Abortion Act 1967, therefore the Army couldn't suggest an abortion to them.

I'm truly sorry about the young officer taking his life, because he was gay. A very sad time for his family and comrades in arms. A real PITA when a fellow human being feels they have to take their own life in order to 'resolve' any problem.

Of course I was being facetious. You said my experience was of no import. How would you know? I was there, whereas you weren't. Once again you seem to know me better than I know myself. Have you ever thought of becoming a clairvoyant? A wee tip, don't.

PS I'm being facetious, again.
I would add that my experience in respect of this issue is not important, either. The judicial rulings are what are determining the courses of action and the outcomes of numerous employment tribunals.
Minister for Equalities Mike Freer said:

This government is committed to righting the wrongs of the past. Listening to those veterans affected by the ban will be critical to moving forward.

I feel such beliefs set a dangerous precedent. Some may argue this is a strawman/ logic fallacy though to me it's the same mindset as believing we should be offering reparations for our actions during our colonial era.

Applying today's moral/ ethical lense to past decisions based on the laws of that time is wrong. We've already moved forward - 'righting wrongs' - as we accept LGBT in our armed forces, females in the infantry etc. and continue to embrace egalitarianism (though that's now at risk due to the 'equality of outcome' movement).

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