Government in secret talks about strike against Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lancashire Hussar, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. If they weren't discussing this I'd me more worried

    When I was in the targeting business we had contingency plans for all sorts of things - hardly any of them occurred

    Do I detect a little bit of media conditioning going on here....?
  2. I guess the talks arent so secret.
  3. Presumably, what they're talking about is
  4. frenchperson wrote
    Why is that logical? Just because India Pakistan and Israel have nukes with the 'blessing' of the rest of us, Iran should have them with impunity too? It's a bit like saying Gary Glitter and Ian Huntley are as entitled to be registered child minders as anyone else.

    With nukes comes responsibility. The Iranian leadership has declared its irresponsible intent. Had India Pakistan or Israel declared genocidal intent in the lead up to acquring nukes (or since) plans would be made. As it is, Israel won't even admit to having them.
  5. I'd point you to the link on my post. These three countries are not signatories to the non proliferation treaty. Iran is. BUT, if you prefer to go with the anti-Iranian rhetoric that corresponds with Mr Bush's foul intentions, then that's up to you. Also, Iran's oil runs out in about 100 years and who says they can't explore the nuclear option?
  6. We do, because Iran can't be trusted. Their President has declared his genocidal intent. Are we to allow his ambitions to go full term in the interests of 'fairness'. Iran has signed the NNPT, boogaloo! Molotov signed a treaty with Nazi Germany.

    Preferable to going with the anti-Israeli rhetoric that corresponds with Mr Ahmadinejad's foul intentions.

    Whose intentions are the more foul? Nuking Israel and affecting all the Palestinians and other Arabs in and around it or taking conventional means to prevent such a senario?
  7. Hmmm I like the little picture of what they are going to do, but it says Irans missiles can reach Israel, Southern Europe which means they will proberly go for Brit and US bases in Iraq and Israel.
  8. Israel can't be trusted. India can't be trusted. Pakistan can't be trusted. France can't be trusted... I could go on. The anti Iranian sideshow was a predictable scenario that many forecast before the invasion of Iraq. Bush has now rung the bell and yours is a conditioned reflex Seadog, or should that be Pavlov's dog?
  9. Are you always so angry?
  10. A personal view but always felt that Nuclear Weapons promote peace. Since acquiring nuclear weapons India and Pakistan are no longer have their traditional half decade border escalation of will or they or wont they? Since both governments realise that any conventional war could lead to their mutual destruction. Orientalist stereotypes aside, the Iranian regime is rational and would not use nukes against Israel because frankly the Mullahs of the supreme council would never go for it. However if you long term ambition is to preserve western hegemony in the region, then maybe a nuclear Iran is NOT the best option.
  11. Wait this one out and Israel will probably solve the problem for the rest of the world,as they did a few years ago,rather interesting to read on the source of the reactor.

    1981: Israel bombs Baghdad nuclear reactor
    The Israelis have bombed a French-built nuclear plant near Iraq's capital, Baghdad, saying they believed it was designed to make nuclear weapons to destroy Israel.
    It is the world's first air strike against a nuclear plant.
    With remarkable precision, an undisclosed number of F-15 bombers and F-16 fighters destroyed the Osirak reactor 18 miles south of Baghdad, on the orders of Prime Minister Menachem Begin.French built reactor
  12. Iran has deliberately built its reactors over a wide area and in heavily populated places to prevent that very occurrence. Iran may well harbour the desire to own nuclear weapons and often loves to spout rubbish about wiping out Israel. They must realise that to launch against the west would result in Iran being turned into a fcuk off sheet of glass IMHO all the Iran whish is to have the nuclear trump card which will ensure no nation ever dare use conventional forces against them.