Government honouring military covenant?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbie77, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. Are the commitments outlined in the Armed Forces Covenant (2011) being honoured? Discuss
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    Are you a trawling journalist? Discuss.

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  3. Far from it! Trying to write an essay and looking for thoughts, ideas..and some inspiration!
  4. Well Barbie, what are your thoughts on the subject? Start us off.....
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    Give us your thoughts & we'll pick holes in it.
    Any good?
  7. Well the Covenant is about improving a serving person's life in 3 aspects:
    1. ensuring they are treated fairly
    2. that they are valued and respected as individuals
    3. they and their families will be rewarded and sustained

    However, this is all very vague and so the annual Military Covenant Report that is produced annually (or will be produced annually as this only came into law in 2011) will specifically cover the improvements being made in the fields of healthcare, education and housing as well as other key areas that the Defence Secretary believes is of importance to serving personnel.

    The government has said in the last year it has twice doubled council tax relief for service persons on a 6 month deployment, brought in an Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and launched the veterans 'loyalty card' giving them discounts as a few examples as well as £15 investment in prosthetics division.

    However they have also made brutal redundancies to bring the Army in line with the 2020 vision, including giving people the chop who were a short period away from their Immediate pension point, refusing 4 adult children of serving Gurkhas to reside in the UK and in the Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey when answering the question 'I feel values in the Service' only 30% agreed in 2012, compared to 38% in 2010.

    So in theory the government is trying to improve service life for its members and their families with schemes being put into place but in practice it looks like so far service personnel aren't seeing much of it.
  8. So I think my real question is..this covenant was meant to improve lives of soldiers, veterans and their families but are any of you seeing the benefits of it? Has any real improvements been made?
  9. The Military Covenant was a bit of New Labour flim flam, it was intended to allow politicians to point at it and say "look, we put this in place for them" whilst in reality doing whatever they felt like.
  10. There are guidelines in place for the Gurkas, but 4 ADULTS "way" passed the guidelines in that matter as utilizing their parents deeds is a bit far, they should go the way of equal immigrants and not blur the covenant they have nothing to do with.

    " Lawyers for the four applicants - Gurkha's daughter Sharmila Gurung, 27, and Gurkhas' sons Rijen Pun, 32, Moti Gurung, 27, and Tika Rai, 27 - said the policy as "uncertain, unclear and unlawful"

    Its not like they just passed their teens is it !
  11. Some of us don't think about the Covenant and get along alright without its claimed special provisions. The so called Covenant covers a lot of things. Too many things to list, in short. There was a report from the Task Force on the Military Covenant back in 2010. Found, it's here In 2011 there was an interim report, here

    If we take the Covenant literally and narrow it down to communities and local authorities, they've a fair way to go.
  12. Has anyone been approached by the cross-party committee that was established last year to oversee the implementation of the Military Covenant? The Deputy Chair is the MP who has ShabbeyWood in his constituency, Steve Webb, which must make him one of the MPs with most MoD employees as voters. He actually has a good name and is a constant thorn in MoD's side when it comes to pressing on awkward questions. Also, and you should take advantage of this, he is one of very few MPs who will answer correspondence from non-constituents, especially if you are a current or former serviceman.
  13. Are the CoC even honouring the military covenant
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  14. It's just a PR exercise commissioned by Nuw Labour and probably brought to you by some ad executive with a taste for exquisitely thin spectacles. It may as well be a yoghurt advert.