Government Health Warning on Northerners!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by gennithmedic, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. Everytime I try to listen to some dadrock on the radio, I get pestered by HMG warnings about sexually transmitted diseases.
    The wise words, at the end, are spoken by a man with a southern accent. The poor, dumb, smelly STD victims all have Northern accents, boys and girls!
    Is this a slur on our friends from the north? Please enlighten me...
  2. Well it is grim oop north!
  3. Nope I'm from up North! There all skip rats or in Latin "skipus Rattus"
  4. I wonder if there is a bit of a drippy knob epidemic going on oop there?
  5. I have no idea, my eyes kept on being drawn to your avatar .......... mmmmmm chebs........ what was that you said? Northern chebs? chebs with health warnings?
  6. Drippy knob epidemic!!

    That will be the technical term then!!
  7. Drippy Knob syndrome, the gift that just keeps on giving...
    If the govt, says that northerners are contagious then it MUST be true!
  8. either that or crusty minge... mmmm I am that hungry I could just eat one of them now
  9. That’s because Norffffffffffff of Watford we are all masculine heterosexual dominant male sex gods, where STD is just an occupational hazard 8O

    Where as all you soft (probably French) shandy drinking Southern shites, are all into art, crotchet and watching Chelski :? rather than good old fashion shagging :wink:

    Unless you drug, rape and murder them (Ipswich is South enough for me) you haven’t got a chance, Hence no knob rot, simple really :D :D
  12. Aren't you a bit miffed that the adverts make northerners sound like diseased retards?
  13. Nah,
    More important things in life, like your outstanding Avatar
    Now for that, I would suffer the pox :D :D
  14. Never heard of anyone getting a dose of Cupid's Measles from a pair of norks. Even from a scouse chick.
  15. can scouse chicks do that?